How to Earn Free Airtime with M-Cent Browser [So Easy].

Did you know, you can actually be earning free airtime as you browse the internet using M-Cent browser app? This is no gimmick it’s real and I have tested it my self. This browser so far is the best way to earn free airtime as you do what you love on the Internet, unlike the Opera news browser that you have to invite people before you can earn a decent airtime. Good thing, the M-Cent browser comes with the same easy user interface just like the Google Chrome browser.

The only difference between the apps is that M-Cent has an advertisement which is their only benefits of paying you for using the browser to surf the net. So you don’t have anything to worry about, besides the ads they will display is just a floating advertisement and sometimes pup ads will display on your screen which you can cancel by taping the icon on the top right-hand of your screen.

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How to redeem your airtime.

To redeem your airtime is simply just follow the instructions that will appear on your browser screen. The M-Cent pay you on airtime but if you stay in India you can easily cash out your earning straight to your local bank account and as for those in other countries like Nigeria, you can cash out when your earning reaches N15:00 to N15,000.

Mcent browser

As you browse the internet using the M-Cent you will get points which you can convert to airtime by taping the Add to account option on the browser and to increase your earning, make the M-CENT your default browser and always use it to search the web and you can also get 9000 points by inviting your friends to download the browser which when converts to Naira can be about N100.

Mcent browser
How to use the M-Cent Browser.

To use the M-Cent is easy. First of all download the browser here on Google PlayStore and after installing it launched the browser and follow the instructions to register by choosing your country and your mobile number. Make sure the mobile number you choose is the one you are using presently so that you won’t have any issue when redeeming your earning and you can always add an additional number after the registration.

What are you waiting for, download the app now and start earning free airtime whenever you browse the internet and don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook.

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