How to shop on GearBest and have it ship to your doorstep in Nigeria and other countries.

GearBest is a Chinese e-commerce website where you can buy almost anything starting from an electronics down to cloths and others. This company is mostly targeted at Africans just like Amazon is targeted on western countries.


Buying on GearBest is not that difficult and risky as some may think. In fact, I prefer ordering my items from GearBest because of the following reasons.

  • It’s very cheap compared to the ones you will buy in your country and some of their products comes in free shipping so you don’t have to pay extra bucks anymore to get your products.
  • No substandard products on GearBest. They make sure you get the exact quality of products you order online and in case you later found any fault in less than 40 days they will refund your money and another good thing is that you can still cancel your order and have your money back in case there is any change of mind later.
  • GearBest delivers faster than other online e-commerce. Their main priority is to make their customers happy. They make sure you get your products on time.

After knowing the advantage of GearBest online shopping e-commerce now let’s move to the procedures on how to order an item online and have it delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

Before shopping for any item on GearBest you need to open an account with them which is very easy to do. Go to GearBest and create an account with them after that, they will send you a confirmation message on your email.


Your account is now set, now log in and navigate to the item you want to buy or you can simply use the search bar to access the item easily.
Now click on add to cart and insert your coupons code or your GearBest points to slash the price. (They give 50 bonus point when you open account new).
You are almost done. Proceed to payment and choose your payments options.


You can pay using PayPal or your MasterCard/Visa debit card. Its advisable to use interswitch method if you are in Nigeria since PayPal is not that friendly so as to secure your debit card. In case you have a working PayPal account then you can proceed with it.


Move to shipping method. GearBest has about four shipping methods and they are as follows

  • Unregistered Air Mail
  • Registered Air Mail
  • Priority Line
  • Expedited Shipping.

To get your goods fast choose the Expedited Shipping. With this shipping method, you can get your item deliver to you in few days while the Unregistered Air Mail is less expensive but the little disadvantage is that you will not get the tracking number. This means you won’t get any information on your item until its delivered to you.

Now your order is on its way and will soon get to you.

So far GearBest is one of the trusted e-commerce where you can order goods and have it delivered to you in few days. You can even order them in bucks and resale it as a retailer and make a profit.

Are you still confused? See more information on GeaBest.

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