10 ways to make your smartphone battery last longer.

One of the common problems with smartphones is the battery. Everybody needs a battery that can last longer. The battery is what determines whether you will enjoy your smartphone or not.

Today I will be giving you some tricks to reduce your smartphone battery drainage and improve your battery life.


This post is mainly for android phones but it also applicable to other smart phones . Buying smartphone with big battery capacity shouldn’t be your main focused but how to reduce the battery consumption .

Here are ways to improve your battery live, read carefully and follow the steps accordingly.

1.Reduce screen brightness:


Many people prefer living their smartphone screen bright all the time without knowing that screen brightness causes battery drainage.

Follow this step to reduce the screen brightness of your android phone. Go to setting, under the display , tap screen brightness and then tap to adjust brightness level or manually and reduce it.

note: If you set it to automatic the screen brightness will still be bright. So I will advise you to reduce it manually.
2.Don’t use live wallpaper.


Live wallpaper is screensavers that will keep running on your device even when your smart phone is as sleep . So instead of using live wallpaper try using images as your screen wallpaper .
3 . Use black wallpaper and dark theme.

When choosing wallpaper or theme for your smartphone try using black or dark theme this method will automatically reduce your screen brightness which in effect will improve your battery live .
4.Reduce home screen widget.

Widget are apps that we live in our smartphone home screen for easy access. Try and reduce the widget that you don’t use…
5.Keep your smartphone away from extreme heat


Always keep your device in a cold place, and also when running your device and you discover that the phone is over-heating live it for a while before you run it again.

6.Disable auto sync.

Auto syn are settings on our smartphone that automatically keep us syn in with Google or other accounts.

Note: When you disable auto syn you will conserve battery and data but you’ll need to syn each account manually to collect recent information and you won’t receive notification when an update occurs.

To disable auto syn follow this step. go to setting, accounts and syn , uncheck the auto syn’ . That’s all.
7.Turn off wifi and data when not in use
. 8.Disable haptic feedback

To disable haptic feedback follow this step. Go to setting,  sound, scroll down to a system and uncheck haptic feedback.
9.Turn off location services.

To turn off location services follow this step. Go to setting, location services, Uncheck all the boxes available.
10.Disable auto updates for widgets

Follow this step to disable widget automatic update. Open the widget, press menu, setting, tap on auto-refreshed and choose none. If you can’t customize the widget and you hardly use it, just remove the widget from your home screen.
hope with this guide you can now enjoy your smartphone without carrying your charger around.
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