7 things about smartphone your boss want to know.

Smartphones are one of those modern Technology things that make our life Easy and enjoyable.
Back in the days of Nokia 3210, The Design and battery are rarely a concern, but now battery and design are what makes a good handset. As a lover of Technology, we always want to get the best when it comes to a mobile phone.

7 things about smartphone your boss want to know


Here are 7 things your boss want to know about a smartphone that makes you spend your hard earned money to buy.

1. Processor power.


The processing power of a smartphone is built to run browsing, GPS, Music, Streaming, Videos, Games and other scores of an official task. Can you play a game or watch a video with Nokia 3210? Not at all… So your boss will be happy to know the kind of activities you can carry out with Smartphone.

2. Battery life.

The battery is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a handset. Smartphones now come with massive battery capacity compared to other phones. Check out Wiko Jerry Max, Infinix Hot 4 pro and Oukitel K10000 pro. all these Smartphones when fully charged can last up to 48 hours or even more on a normal usage. Your boss will be impressed to know how many hours your smartphone battery can hold up to.


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3. Camera.

Can you snap with Nokia 3210? is a Funny question right… I think you should tactfully forward this question to your boss, that way he will see the need to own a smartphone if he has not yet purchased one. Smartphone has the ability to takes all kinds of shots anyway anytime, with a better quality. Apart from shots, you can also use it for video recording of 4k HD quality. Like the Oneplus 5, Galaxy ┬áNote 8, And Moto E4 Plus

4. Design.


Talking about the design, I think you should take a good look at your smartphone. The curve body built with metal, the amazing features it comes with. Like the fingerprint scanner, iris scanner and other appealing features that can blow you away. A well designed or built smartphone can survive many drops without a screen cracked.

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5. Screen.

With a 5.5-inch screen size of a Smartphone, you will enjoy watching movies, playing games, reading books and PDF files. Most Smartphone these days support 4k Resolution for best images.

6. Navigation.

Your boss will be glad to know how you can use your smartphone to locate a particular place in a big city. The good news here is that our smartphone can save us a lot of money on buying those old paper maps or a separate GPS device when traveling. Now our smartphone location service automatically picks up our location. All you have to do is type in the address of your destination and your smartphone will tell you which road to follow.

7. Price.

Good smartphone doesn’t usually come cheap, but they worth it. Your boss will be happy to know how much best smartphone will cost. You can check the starting price of a smartphone at an online leading store in your country. Like Jumia in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. And Amazon.


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