The best alternative in moving apps to SD card in Android phone.

Moving apps to SD card is the best way to reduce the memory storage of any device.


Moving most of your apps with large MB will not only give specs for more useful apps on your phone but also reduces overheating on your smartphone. Yes, one of the major causes of overheating or phones lagging is full phone memory.
You must have been familiar with the traditional way of moving apps to SD card but sadly not all Android phones come with this settings.

Not quite long when Tecno phantom 8 announced that their new update comes with the feature of moving your apps to SD card and many of their fans were so happy with this new development. I was not impressed at all because I always have my way of doing things that I nicknamed Do it smart.

If you are using Infinix Hot 4 you will understand where I’m going. Hot 4 doesn’t have this feature and I’m quite sure that lots of phones out there do not also support this feature, therefore, pushing us to seek the help of a third party app.

Today Naijatechgist bring you the best way to successfully move your apps to SD card on any Android phone. Just follow the steps below.

Step: Download move to SD card on Google play store.

This app will help you to move any app to your Mcard without any setback. One thing that brings this app about 10million downloads on Google play store is that it’s so easy to use so you won’t have any problems at all in moving some of your apps to your SD card thus giving your phone some breathing space.

Hope this will help in solving your problem of moving apps to SD card. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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