Why I Love Infinix Hot 4 (And You Should, Too!)

Infinix Hot 4 no doubt is the new latest device in town especially here in Nigeria. This smartphone comes in series. Hot 4, Hot4 lite and Hot 4 Pro.

Infinix Hot 4


The Deferences.

The difference between this devices is the Specs and some few features. The Infinix Hot 4 Lite is the list among all. You can refer to it as the junior in the Hot 4 series. Though the screen size, the resolution, and the battery are the same.


Here are few features that make Infinix Hot 4 Lite the list among all.

Hot 4 lite has just 1GB of RAM and it has no fingerprint sensor. The cameras are the same with Hot 4. They both have a rear camera of 8MP and front camera of 5MP. but the RAM differs.

Hot 4 has a RAM of 2GB and a fingerprint sensor at the back. Now you can see that HOT 4 has an upgrade of RAM and additional features of the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.


The senior among them all is Hot 4 Pro.  Even the newly released Hot 5 can not rob shoulders with Hot 4 pro. Hot 4 Pro comes with an upgrade Rear camera of 13MP and the front camera is 5MP. This device has a fingerprint sensor and the additional feature of 4G LTE network. This means that Hot 4 Pro has an upgrade of the camera and additional feature of 4G LTE network when compared to Hot 4.

Have you ever wonder why everyone is going for Infinix Hot 4. did you know Hot is the latest hot cake in town? well here are some of my findings and personal experience with the smartphone.



This device is been describe as a power Bank by some users. This is because the phone can hold power up to 20 hours of browsing. for those that love movies, you can watch full HD movies with this device without the fear of battery drainage.

Screen Size.

Hot 4 is one of the smartphones I admire so much when it comes to the screen size. The 5.0-inch that the Infinix Hot 4 has makes the phone not too big nor too small. The phone is just OK, portable to hold and feel while it gives you a big screen user experience.

Wallpaper and quote.

Did you know that this phone comes with a changing wallpaper and quotes? in fact, this is one of the features that make this device unique. it’s my first time of using a phone that comes with this feature. Without installing a third party APP, Infinix Hot 4 keep changing the home wallpaper and quotes as default just as you can see in the screenshots below.

Infinix Hot 4 settings

These quotes are motivating. They keep appearing anytime you press the power button. I don’t know about you but as for me, I love this feature so much because am the type that loves the motivating quote.

Mobile anti-theft.

Not all smartphone comes with this great feature. Anti-theft is a setting you find on some smartphone that can easily help you track your stolen device. To set this feature on your Infinix Hot 4 follow this step below.

Go to setting-security. Under the security look for anti-theft and put in your pin you would like to use and phone number. Done.
Now anytime someone insert any sim on the phone it will quickly alert you that your phone may be stolen.

Infinix Hot 4 settings
Fingerprint sensor.

This sensor that the Hot 4 and Hot 4 Pro come with is the top selling point of the phone. Everyone wants to feel this feature. Instead of typing my lengthy password all I have to do is just use my finger to unlock the phone within 0.3 seconds. Amazing right.

Infinix Hot 4
XHide APP.

XHide APP is a great built-in app that the Hot 4 come with. With this APP you can easily hide your apps, videos, and pictures. To use this APP, go to your menu, app, tap on XHide, now set your hidden password and tap save. Done. To hide any video just tap on the + icon at the top right side of the screen and select the video you want to hide.

Infinix Hot 4 settings
Screen recording.

Even without a third party app you can record your Infinix Hot 4 screen and use it to trick your friends. You can as well use this to teach your friend how to do something on the phone. To use this is simple. Just press and hold your power button and the volume up button.

The price.

The price of the phone is attractive considering the specs and the Amazing features it has.

You can buy Hot 4 lite at a price ranges from 35,000 Naira to 37,000 Naira.
Hot 4 price start from 39,000 Naira to 42,000 Naira. While Hot 4 Pro starts from 44,000 Naira to 48,000 Naira.

Note: the prices depends on your location in the country.
You can check the phone on Jumia.

Did you know? You can now upgrade your Hot 4 to the latest version of Android Nougat.


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