How to save photos and videos on Instagram.

Just recently as I was checking something on Instagram I saw some Chuck full of amazing photos on my account and I immediately tap hold one of the photos expecting some kind of pup up options to save the photo and I was highly disappointed when I realized that I wasn’t on Facebook but Instagram.



Normally Instagram does not allow you save or zoom photos in your mobile phone.

Well, the solution is here and that’s what I want to share with you now.


Pay attention and permit me to introduce to you Fastsave app.

Fastsave app is an Android app that can help you to save photos and videos direct to your phone.

How to use the App.


Follow this steps below to use the app.

Download and install fastsave on Google play store.

Open the app and flipped on the option as shown below.


instagram screenshot

Now open your Instagram and tap or select any photo or video you want to save.

Click on the options bar at the top right hand of your phone.

A pup up option will appear, tap on the copy share URL. Done

instagram screen shot

Now the photo or video will automatically be in your phone gallery.

How to save photos on Instagram with PC.

If you’ve lost your phone and you want to save or download all your photos on Instagram to your new phone you can do that with the help of your PC.

Visit instaport on your computer login with your Instagram details.

Now you have to choose whether to download all your photos at once or select the ones you love the most and save them directly to your personal computer.

You can now transfer all the photos to your phone via USB cable.

Connect the phone to your PC with the USB cable and copy the file.

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