Is Your Smartphone Light Affecting Your Eye?(Try This Android Night Mode)

Did you know, staring at your phone can cause you an eye problem? Though it has not been scientifically proven if staring at a smartphone or computer for a prolonged time can cause a permanent damage to the eyes but I have experienced some effect recently.

Android Night mode

After using my phone almost 3 hours before going to sleep for about 3 months, I started having irritable eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue, neck, and back pain, initially I thought it was normal eye discomfort not until I made some research and discovered it was caused by daily staring on my smartphone especially at night which can even lead to myopia (short-sightedness).

Android Night mode

I was frightened (No I’m young to be blind) so I decided to search for the solution and come up with this idea. It may not be the best but so far it worth it. First of all the best way to prevent future short-sightedness is to reduce the time spend on mobile phone and PC but just as you know many are already addicted to their mobile phone to the point that they can’t go a day without touching their phone.


Android Night mode
So pay attention and follow the second method below.

Did you know? Android Phones is The Best(See Why).

In this method, I will show you how to change the blue light of your smartphone using Android Night Mode. Now go to Google play store search and download Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care APP.

The work of this app is to reduce the blue light and change it into natural color. Another advantage of this app is that it saves power and it’s very easy to use.

Android Night mode

Note: There are a lot of Apps on Google Play store that promise the same thing while in the real sense it does another thing differently.

Though the Filter – Night Mode, Eye Care APP contains ads, it’s one of the best you’ll get on Google Play store for now. After installing the App tap on it and follow the simple procedure to run and activate it on your smartphone.

That’s the latest gist for today. So, what do you think?


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