How To Choose Original Android Phone: Tips You Need To Know

people always get confused when it comes to choosing the right Android phone to buy. in this post I will be giving you 5 things to consider before buying an Android phone.

1. The RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. phone storage is random access because it comprises of eMMC chips instead of little spinning disc platters.


Phone RAM is faster, most needed than the 4GB-64GB storage we use to store our music, videos, and apps.  RAM is used to hold the data on a phone, this means that a chunk of an app’s data is loaded into RAM as soon as the app starts running.

That means the more RAM you have the more your phone will be faster.  Apart from that, RAM also holds the DATA that enable multi-tasking.


So with this little knowledge about RAM, you now know why is important to consider RAM when buying an Android phone at least make sure the phone has up to 1GB-4GB RAM.

2. The processor:

A processor is the core component of an Android phone. This also determines the working speed of a device. from the definition, you have seen that processor is what determines the working speed of a device.

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So when buying an Android phone you should consider the processor and the manufacturer, for example, chip manufacturer Nvidia offers the fastest graphics processor(GPU) for a smartphone. Nvidia has the fastest smartphone GPU, giving games enhanced graphics.


3. Operating system:

Android is an operating system developed by Google. But we have a different version of the operating system. So is very important that you know the version of the operating system you are buying.

A good Android phone should have a version of an operating system ranging from 4.0v to 7.0v.  It can be KitKat, jellybean, lollipop, marshmallow, Nougat or others.

4. Camera:

We all know that the camera plays a major role in making an Android phone smart and unique. you can’t compare an Android phone with java phones camera.

With a good camera, you can cover up an event, take personal selfie and videos.  So when buying an Android phone is good you consider the camera megapixel.

A good Android phone should at least have a camera from 5 megapixels to 32 megapixel Rear and 3 megapixels to 16-megapixel front.

5. Battery:

Without the battery, this list won’t be complete. A battery is the power source for an Android phone. with good battery capacity, you will more time to use your phone than charging it.

You should try and check the battery capacity.  The Android phone should have battery capacity at least from 2500mAh to 9000mAh capacity.

With all this guide, you can now choose the best Android phone for your personal use.

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