How to Auto-reply text messages and calls on Android phone.

Imagine this scenario.

You are driving on a high and a busy road then all of a sudden your phone started ringing.
You’re now under temptation to pick the phone but afraid of taking the risk. Then an idea flashes in. You said to yourself let me just take a quick glance to check who the caller is.


Just as you wanted to bend. The car behind you horn and the driver shout look at what you are driving are you crazy? That was when you realize you have driven on the wrong lane. What if it’s my boss at work call? You asked yourself.

Responding to a call or text messages while driving can put you and another driver at risk. What if you want to text someone or you are busy with works and you want to remind your partner or coworker of something but it latter slip off your mind. This could ruin Your relationship or even cost you your job.

calling while driving

Good news. You can bypass all these troubles by the use of one feature on your Android phone. This feature is called auto-reply.

To enable this feature go through menu tap setting then auto reply and compose your message.

Not all Android phones come with this feature. If your Android phone is not compatible with this feature you can use a third party app to get the work done.

SMS Auto Reply Text Message
sms reply

SMS Auto Reply Text Message is a flexible auto respond app that you can use in dealing with text messages and calls. The app is simple to use and it has a friendly user interface.

With this app, you can auto-reply to calls as well as texts, and set up a personalized list of contacts who are important enough to get a quick reply.

Do it later.
do it latter

This is another great schedule app to use. Do it latter has a clean user interface. To use the app just type in your message and then select the date and the time you want to send the message and save. Among the options, you can choose a repeat frequency if you want and also pick which SIM to use if your phone supports dual SIM.

One thing I love about the app is that it allows you to log in to your Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, and Twitter and schedule updates and messages on your feed.

Auto-Reply for Facebook

Auto-Reply for Facebook is a Facebook built app that you can use to auto-reply messages on Facebook. The app is easy to use. Just compose your custom messages and save it. Now anytime you receive a message on your Facebook the app will automatically assist you to reply the message.

Can’t talk.
cant talk

Can’t talk is another simple and handy app to auto-reply WhatsApp messages. To use the app you have to type in your custom message. example. I’m sorry cant chat with you right now and then save it. And specify how long the app should wait before it auto-replies to the same sender, The default is 15 minutes. You can increase the time so the app won’t be repeating the same message to your friends in every 15 minutes.

The App also supports group chat. Can’t talk is available on Play store but not free.

The full one-year subscription is $1.30. there are two weeks free trial you can give a try to see if the apps work fine.

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