Android Phones is The Best(See Why).

A lot of people has been asking why to choose android device when shopping for a new mobile phone. On my previous post, I explain 12 facts about Android phones you should know you can read it here.

12 fact about android you should know 


On this post, I will give you four reasons why Android phones has been the best over other smartphones.



1.Battery longevity-

You will agree with me that Android phones battery last longer compares to other smartphones, many Android phones battery can serve you for more than 2-3 days when fully charged compare to others.

So when buying a smartphone, I will recommend that you consider the battery capacity first before any other thing. Though there is a lot of fake Andriod phones in the market today, that’s why is advisable you purchase your smartphones from a real store, you can even buy it online on an online trusted website like Amazon, GearBest, Jumi, and Aliexpress.


2.Not stingy/Share-

You might be wondering what I mean by the word not stingy well, I choose to use that word to make you capture the real meaning of what am about to explain now.

Android device is an open source where the manufacturer is allowed to add more features to the operating system. That’s why we have a lot of amazing features on Android phones, for example, android phones have apps that can easily connect wth other Android phones where you can share apps, videos, music and other files without downloading them online.


Those apps are flashare, xender, cloudshare just to name a few. To those of you who has used smartphones like window phones normally known as Lumia, or iPhone you will agree with me that Android phones are generous when compared.

3.Easy to operate-

Among all the smartphones, the Android phone is the easiest smartphone to operate, and it has a lot of support forum where you can easily get help from. The first time I operated window phone, it was another thing entirely compare to android, I find it difficult to play ordinary music and take a selfie.

But Android is very easy to navigate and locate any setting you want to add compared to other smartphones devices.

android apps

4.It’s Apps-

When I hear the word  Apps what comes to my mind is Google play. Andriod phones have billions of apps which most of them are free. Just think of your favorite apps, Games, Ebook, your music player apps, video player apps and others.

Are you an android fan, why do you love their product? Just use the comment box add yours. And don’t forget to share.

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