How to stop your android phone from over heating

It can be so frustrating when your phone is over heating or lagging, especially when you want to play game or check something online but the browser you are using is not responding or the game is causing your phone to lag.

galaxy s8

In this post, I will show you step by step on how to stop your phone from over heating or lagging.

Free up some space- do you have apps that you hardly use, what of videos that you have already watched or music you no longer listen to. Deleting things you no longer use on your phone will not only stop your phone from overheating but also give room for more apps and video you will letter need.


Clear catch- do you notice that your phone overheat or lag when you run a certain app. Go to setting, scroll to apps, click on it, click on the app, scroll down and click on clear catch that’s all. But if it continues I will recommend you clear data.

Data-do you also notice that your phone start over-heating immediately you turn on your data. Well, follow this step to fix it. Go to setting, click on data usage, click on the option and finally click on restrict background data. Problem fixed.

Apps –some apps we run on our device is the very cause of our phone over-heating or lagging, especially those app that will ask for superuser grant permission for rooted device, or apps that actually claim they can clean our device or scan it to prevent overheating and protect it from virus while in the real sense they are actually the app causing our phone to lag. Apps like Clean master, battery saver, yellow booster and the rest. If you have such apps on your phone I will advise you to uninstall it immediately to stop your phone from over heating.

After following this step and the problem still continue, contact me and I will help you fix it. Share this and don’t forget to drop your comment.


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