Android phone is now popular and more powerful to the extent that most people now use their hard-earned Monthly salary to buy.
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The sad news here is that even after spending such huge amount of money to buy the phone, They lose or misplace the phone.

Just last week one of my friends came to me and she looks so sad when I ask her what is the problem. She said that she lost her phone and that she was suspecting her friend. And her fear is that she doesn’t want her friend to see her personal details on the phone.

I tried to remotely reset the phone to factory setting using my PC but unfortunately I was not successful because there are some security settings she did not turn on before the phone was stolen.

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She is not the only one. Sometimes we tend to misplace our phone or it can even be stolen from us at a gunpoint. A close relative, friend or an enemy may steal our phone either to get hold of our personal information or to blackmail us.

Therefore, today I will be sharing some features you must turn on on your device so that you can easily trace, remotely turn off, reset to factory settings or recover your phone immediately when stolen.

Remotely turn off and reset your lost phone.

Now Google has a feature called Android device manager or device administrator which left you to keep control over your device when you misplace or lose it.

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This feature allows you to remotely track your phone, call it, turn it off or even reset it to factory settings.
You need to turn on this feature now if you have not done that already.

To do this. Go to settings > security > Then turn on the android device manager or device administrator. Now if you lost your phone all you need to do is to access Find My Device – Google site on your PC.

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Leave your contact details on your lock screen.
This smart feature is especially for those who tend to misplace their phone either on a store or in the marketplace. With this feature, someone can easily trace you and return your phone. Offering a reward to someone who finds and return your phone is not a bad idea.

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To set this features on simple follow this steps.
Go to settings > lock screen message > Now you can add your contact details or instructions. That’s all.

IMG 20171003 WA0000 169x300 - How to recover your Android-phone quickly when stolen.

Now is your turn. Share some amazing tips to track or recover  stolen android phone you know  with us.



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