Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK Anti-Ban V10.20

Although this is still unofficial, the thing is that the new GBWhatsApp comes with Ban Prof. Meaning its anti-ban. So you will not be afraid of Ban of any sort. The...
WhatsApp Miso

Download WhatsApp Miso Latest Version v2.21

Hello, the YoWhatsapp has been changed to WhatsApp Miso. This is still a moded version of WhatsApp that comes in handy features and many more. The new app has some interesting...

How To Show/View Battery Percentage on iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

If you own an iPhone XS, XS Max and XR and your battery percentage are missing, we have got you covered. In this post, we will be showing you the easy...

How to recover your Android-phone quickly when stolen.

Android phone is now popular and more powerful to the extent that most people now use their hard-earned Monthly salary to buy. The sad news here is that even after spending such...

How to know when your Androidphone is attacked by malware(aka virus)

On that fateful day, I was busy downloading some certain app on google play store, when I come across this app that asks I grant access to superuser (my device is...

how to spot fake Infinix Hot 4

There is fake Infinix Hot 4 in circulation. and this device can easily explode and cause damage to it owner. avoid stories and get the original Infinix Hot 4 at Infinix...

How to stop your android phone from over heating

It can be so frustrating when your phone is over heating or lagging, especially when you want to play game or check something online but the browser you are using is...

Android Phones is The Best(See Why).

A lot of people has been asking why to choose android device when shopping for a new mobile phone. On my previous post, I explain 12 facts about Android phones you should...

12 fact about android that you should know.

Android device has been the most popular smart phone in the technology market today, due to its amazing features. after making some researched, I decided to bring you 12 facts about android that...

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MTN Date Cheat Code For Free Browsing 2021

Hey relaxed, I know you are for MTN data cheat code, but wait a minute, why do you love to cheat, oh my bad,...
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Latest Free VPN App For Free Browsing Cheat 2021