How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers.

You will never know how easy it’s for hackers to hack into our Gmail account, steal our valuable information and at the same times kick us out of our personal account by changing our passwords and numbers until you become a victim.



As a blogger, I know how important Gmail account is for storing information and keeping it safe.

One’s someone hack your Gmail account he will have access to lots of your personal online info and contact. Did you know someone can easily claim your mobile phone using your Gmail account? Did you also know he can even block your phone using your own Gmail account?
Perhaps you might wonder how but trust me it’s as possible as eating pizza.


Hackers can cause us harm by just getting into our Gmail account profile. They can kick us out of our Facebook, Twitter, and other social network account and can even hack into our personal computer.

As a businessman, most of the information you receive including your banking details and your client’s contact details are stored in your Gmail account if am not mistaken. Now think of the damage one single act of cyberattack may cause to your business.

If you are a blogger and you are running advertising program on your blog you will definitely know the risk of disposing your Gmail password to anybody even if it’s to your trusted friend or siblings you are surely aware of the danger that follows it.


Now that you are aware of the danger let’s look at the best ways to prevent your Gmail account from being hacked.

Use a strong password.

You may be aware that using a strong password is the best way to keep our personal account safe from hackers but you might not know the tricks to implement that.
Choosing a strong and strange password is good but can also be a stumbling block to us.


For example, you want to use a strong password that will be too difficult to memorize, Now let me ask you did you think you can be able to memorize it all the times. The keep it simple mentality is what is making hackers grow more wings day by day.

If I pick up my friend mobile phone and there is a password in it the first password I will try is his name, then his favorite movies or quote and most of the time I will be lucky in unlocking the phone.

I know using this type of password will be easy to remember but for our own online safety, they are not good. I will prefer a mixed password over a mobile number or names. With that in mind, I will like to introduce a new and trusted android app that will help us to choose a strong password.

The app is LastPass available in Google play store.

This app when install on your phone will help to generate strong password mix with alphabet, numbers, and symbols which is highly recommended.

Another amazing Features of this app is that it will store the password safe and auto-fill it for you in a web or login app. This means you don’t have to worry about remembering the passwords anymore.

Additional security set up.

Google has another additional set up you need to sign up and it’s called 2 step verification. Login to your Google account and move to the 2 step verification set up. After you set this up. Now anytime someone tries to log in to your account with another phone Google will send you a code via SMS to verify if you’re actually the one.

In this steps, you have to be with your phone before you can get access to your Gmail account from another phone. This 2 steps verification is very important. You don’t have to worry about using PC to login to your account because Google has a box to check when they recognize the system you use regularly. So you don’t have to verify your account anymore.

Know the kind of apps you grant access to your Gmail account.

Some apps will require you to grant them Google account authorization. You have to be careful when clicking the yes button. You can see the kind of apps that have access to your Google account and the type of information they collect from you here. If you find out that some apps you are not currently using have access to some of your online information revers access to them all.

Use 2 steps verification number.

There is another security measure Google set up to curb the activities of hackers. This is the most safer way to always keep our Gmail account safe.

Follow the steps below to implement this method on your account.
Step 1. Download Google Authenticator on play store.
Step 2. Login to your Google account on your computer and move to security settings.
Step 3. Go to 2 step verification and move to the alternative second step.
Step 4. Now you will see the Authenticator app you just downloaded, click the set up under it.
Step 5. Click on the begin set up.
Now to link your phone to the Google Authenticator, you have to scan a barcode using the QR code option.

If you don’ want to connect your phone to your account, or finding it a little bit difficult, you can use the secret key option on the Google Authenticator app option.
Step 1 Now on your phone select enter a provided key.
Step 2 In the enter account name, enter your email address. In the enter your key box, enter the key provided on your computer screen and choose the time base settings then click on the add button.
Step 3 After the setup, enter the verification code on your phone and click the verify button on your computer then complete the setup.

In case you have any problem settings up the above settings you can use the comments box to contact me. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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