Facebook is one of the most widely used social media around the world. It has about 1 billion download on play store. No doubt each passing year the updates always come with new mind-blowing features.

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One of the most impressive features that attract more users is the voice and videos call features introduce on Facebook just like WhatsApp.
The one that appeals to me the most is the video streaming features.

Just like YouTube, you can stream videos online while using Facebook. Cool to say but little disappointing because it cost data to watch the video and unlike WhatsApp, you can not be able to download it and view it offline.

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Yes, we all are looking forward to Facebook to introduce video download feature. But we won’t wait forever.
That’s why today I will be sharing some tricks on how to download facebook with your mobile phone and view it offline at your own convenience time.

To download facebook video we will need the assistant of a third party app calls my video downloader for facebook.

First of all download the app on Google Play Store.
Install the app and open it.
You will be asked to log in with your Facebook credentials.

Enter everything and search for the video you want to download on your wall.

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Tap on the video and a pup up option will appear with options. There you will see the download option.
Tap on it and choose the video quality you want to download.

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For high-quality video choose the HD (High Definition) format. Now, you can view the video on your phone without logging in on facebook.

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How to download facebook videos on PC.

To download facebook videos on PC is very simple. It’s just the same traditional way of downloading videos on YouTube.

The best way is to copy the link and paste it at savefrom.net

To do that. Log in to Facebook and select the video you wish to download and Right-click on it and select Show video URL.
A small pop-up window should appear, with the video URL. Now press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the URL.

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Go to savefrom.net and paste the URL of the video you just copied
Now click on the download button on the right hand of the screen and choose the video format you wish to download.
That’s all.

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