whatsapp beta bring ability to revoke messages 5 minute after

A WhatsApp beta update now allows messages to be revoked a whole 5 minutes after it has been sent. The update arrives for the for WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 that basically works on improvements to do with the revoke feature. The feature however is turned off by default in Settings, so users will have to enable it to take advantage of the same.
Another new feature has showed up for the Android version of WhatsApp beta tagged as v2.17.148

The update is a new pop up menu that appears while editing or formatting text in the text field.
Upon selecting text, beta users are now seeing new formatting shortcuts including Bold, Italic, Monospace, and Strikethrough. Users on Android 7+ will already be able to see Translate, provided they have Google Translate installed.
Indeed these are updates that showed up on beta version of WhatsApp, so there’s no telling if or when they would be out.
The last update we saw from the beta community was for iOS. The iOS app saw a new Group Info page with a revamped design, new icons that got rid of the older or current spartan interface. For now it has not shown up on the public version of WhatsApp for iOS, so the above updates could indeed be a long way off.


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