How To Delete & Remove Old Twitter Account.

If you have an old Twitter account that you no longer use or have access to you might be worried about your data and personal details. You might also want to get the account out of the way so you can create another new account with the old account details.

Remove Old Twitter


There are so many reasons to delete or remove old or new Twitter account. No matter what the reason might be we will show you the easy step to do that right away.

Normally there is no way to delete a Twitter account on their official App or website like Facebook. So to delete your new Twitter account you will need to follow the simple method below.

  • Log out of the Twitter account you want to delete.
  • To do that, on your screen, tap on your profile picture and this will take you to your profile settings.
  • Tap on Settings and Privacy> Account and then Log out.
  • After that, you will need to wait for a certain period of time without logging in to the account.
  • Now Twitter will first deactivate the account and after that, they will delete it.

How To Delete Old Twitter Account.

If you have an old Twitter account and you have not logged in on the account for a long time Twitter will automatically delete and remove the account. This can take an up to 30 days and more.

How To Restore Old Twitter Account.


You can still restore or recover the account after it has been deactivated by Twitter which can be for a certain period of time but not beyond 30 days.

To reactivate your Twitter account, visit the official Twitter website here or open the app on iOS or Android.

  • Click on login and enter your account username or email Address and password.
  • Now click on Sign in, and your account will be reactivated.

If you can have been deactivated for more than 30 days. Sorry, you can’t reactivate it again. You will need to sign up for a new Twitter account.


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