How to secure your facebook account from hackers.

If you have never been a victim of facebook hacked account, then you will never know how it hurt to lose your personal account of so many years to a cybercriminal.

One thing about this hackers is that they don’t hack for fun but mostly to get back at you. Either to blackmail you, to steal your facebook page/group or to cost you your job by spamming with your account. No matter what their aim might be one thing is for sure they don’t have our interest at heart and they will hurt us at the end.


One of my friends once loses her personal account to a hacker. I got to know about this when the supposed hacker uses her account to spam in my facebook group. I thought she was the one until I got fed up with the spam on my group so I decided to confirm from her why she has been spamming my group I was not surprised when she told me her account has been hacked.

She was so lucky that she later recovered the account.
So many people have been asking me this question severally on how to recover a hack facebook account then I said to myself before I write how to recover hack account it will be better to write how to prevent the Facebook account from getting hack in the first place. After all prevention they say is better than cure.


Now follow this simple but trustworthy guide to learn how to protect your account from hackers.

Setup your security details.

First, you need to set up your Facebook security details. Log in to your account and move to your security settings and set them. Follow the instructions below to configure your security information.


Choose 3-5 friends to contact

You need to set up 3-5 trusted friends on your facebook account. Their contact will serve as your witness in case your account is Hacked facebook will send codes to this 3 trusted contact on their account and they will help you to login if you are logged out.

Set up the get alert about unrecognized login.


This setting will alert you anytime your account is login without your knowledge or in a new device so that you can take action immediately before the hacker deletes your account details on your profile like recovery email and phone number.

Change password.

If you don’t have a strong password it will be in your best interest to change your password now. I know generating a strong password will be difficult to remember so the best alternative is to install a password manager on your phone.

I recommend LastPass. LastPass is an Android app password manager that automatically generate strong password mix with letters, numbers, and symbol. The passwords are all secure and you don’t have to bother yourself remembering them because it will be kept safe in a vault and autofill login for you.

Log in with your profile picture.

Have you noticed that Facebook now has this new feature that you will be asked to log in with your profile picture instead of your email address and password? This feature is to protect us from hackers. If they have our password will they have our facebook profile picture on their phone? Hardly. so it will be wise to choose the login with profile picture instead of a password to kick hackers out of business for now.

Use two-factor Authentication.

You also need to set up this feature on your facebook profile. This two-factor authentication comes in two methods. We have the Authentication methods which includes the use of universal 2nd factor (U2F) security key to log in to facebook through USB and NFC.

The second one is the one we will be using in this post and that is the third-party authentication. In this method, we will be using a third-party app to create another password to log in to Facebook. This means the hacker will not only need our password alone but our Mobile phone which in this case will be impossible because hackers are not always around us.

I will recommend Google Authenticator. Follow the steps below to set it up and connect it to your facebook account.
Step 1. Download the app on Google play store.
Step 2. log in to your facebook profile and move to your security page.
Step 3. Now click on the two-factor Authentication and then tap on the Third-party Authenticator.
Step 4. Tap on the set up now and you will be taken to the Google Authenticator you installed on your phone and click on OK. Done.

Now anytime you want to log into your facebook account you will be asked to put in another password that the Google Authenticator generates every 30 seconds before you could access your account.With this, I don’t think it will be easy for any hacker to get hold of your facebook account anymore.

Set up your privacy.

Another method is to ensure your privacy settings are in order. For example, know who sees your post. Instead of choosing public it will be wise to choose friends only.

Change who can post on your timeline. Don’t allow anybody to post on your timeline instead it will better to enable review post friends. This will allow you to review any post you are tagin before allowing it on your timeline.

Don’t click on fishy link.

If you noticed that a friend of yours or just one of your random friend posted a link on Facebook and personally tag you or ask you to click on the link and the link looks fishy maybe after clicking on it, it takes you to a web page where you will be asked to put in your Facebook login details just exist the page and never click on that link again.


The best way to stay out of facebook mess is to stop using facebook which I know will be difficult to some people me inclusive however Protecting your Facebook account will require some little task from you. So follow all the steps above and you will be confident that your account is safe from hackers.

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