Wema Bank Mobile Banking, Transfer Code, Change of Phone Number & More

Wema Bank is among the numerous banks in Nigeria. Although it’s not as popular as First Bank, Union, Zenith, etc, however, it’s still one of the best banks to bank with. They have good customer care support and their customer service has proven to be one of the best so far.

Well, if you already have an account with them and wish to make some necessary changes on the bank like a change of phone number, BVN, and other personal updates, below we will be showing you how.


Wema Bank

How to change Wema Bank Phone Number

To change your mobile phone number on Wema Bank is simply. All you need to do is to pick up a form at any of the bank branches and fill. Click here to see the sample of the form you will need to fill.


You can use this form to change your phone number and even email address. You will also need to state the reasons for making such changes on your account. Make sure you have your means of identification with you which can be either National ID card, voters card or driver’s license.

Wema Bank BVN Update

You can also make some necessary changes on your BVN which can be your date of birth, phone number or even account linking. All you have to do is to fill this similar form here and submit at any of their branches.

Wema Bank USD Code And Features

The Wema Bank mobile banking USSD code is *945# and you can use it to perform the following transaction.

  • Open an Account
  • Generate a PIN
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Change PIN
  •  Funds Transfer
  •  Airtime & Data Top-up
  • Cash on the Go (Cardless Withdrawal)
  • DSTV Subscription
  • GOTV Subscription
  • Startimes Subscription
  • Bill Payment (Electricity Bills)
  • Bill Payment (Smile Network Subscription)
  • Bill Payment (Swift Network Subscription)
  • MCash (Merchant Payment)
  • Bill Payment (LCC Toll)
  • Receive Western Union Payment

Wema Bank Change of Transaction PIN

To change your transaction PIN on Wema Bank, dial *945*00# and follow the onscreen instructions.

Wema Bank Funds Transfer

To transfer money from Wema Bank to any Bank, dial *945*BeneficiaryAccountNumber*Amount# from the phone number you registered with Wema Bank. You can use that code to transfer money on any type of phone without mobile data.

 Wema Bank Transfer Limit

The daily transfer limit for Wema Bank is N20,000. However, the limit can be increased to N500,000 via WemaMobile, WemaOnline or visit the branch. You can download their official mobile app to increase the transfer limit.


Wema Bank Airtime & Data Top-up

To top up your account with the phone number you registered with Wema Bank, dial *945*Amount# on your phone.

To buy airtime for others or to recharge for someone, dial *945*Recipient’s number*Amount# (e.g. *945*08023456789*2000#)


To buy data for yourself using Wema Bank, dial *945*2# on your phone and follow the onscreen instructions. However, to buy data for another person, a third-party, dial *945*2*BeneficiaryPhoneNumber#.

Wema Bank Withdraw Cash Without ATM Card

One of the great features I found amazing on these Wema Bank mobile banking is the ability to withdraw cash without the use of ATM. This feature works even if you don’t have an ATM. The process is simple as well.

All you have to do is to dial *945*8*Amount# (e.g. *945*8*20000#) from the phone number you registered with the Bank. Now you will be requested to enter a cashout PIN which must be different from your 945PIN.

Once the PIN is confirmed, a code will be sent via your SMS which you will put on the ATM to withdraw your cash. Note, the withdrawal will not be more than N20,000.

How to recharge DStv, Gotv, and Startime With Wema Bank

You can now recharge your Startime, Gotv, and DStv using the Wema Bank.

DSTV Subscription

For DStv dial *945*16*SmartcardNumber#. This is very quick and after that, your DStv account will be credited.

GOTV Subscription

For Gotv dial *945*17*SmartcardNumber# (e.g. *945*17*0123456789#). After that, your Gotv will be credited.

Please note that you can only perform this transaction using the phone number you registered with Wema Bank. If the subscription is successful, the money will be deducted from your Wema Bank account.

Startimes Subscription

You can also recharge your Startime using Wema Bank. To do that, dial *945*18*SmartcardNumber*Amount# (e.g. *945*18*0123456789*6000#). This is quick and easy. After that, your Startime account will be credited. It’s that simple.

Bills Payment (Electricity Bills)

You can also make an electricity bill using Wema Bank. All you have to do is to *945*19*MeterNumber*Amount#. E.g. *945*19*0123456789*10000#. The example is for paying N10000 for PHCN to meter number 0123456789.

You can use this method to pay for both Prepaid and Postpaid Meters such as PHEDC, IKEDC, EKEDC, BEDC, EEDC, KEDCO, KANO, JEDC, IBEDC, etc

LCC toll payment Using Wema Bank

Using Wema USSD banking code you can now top up your LCC Tollgate account with ease using *945#. All you have to do is to dial *945*23*LCCNumber*Amount# and after that, you will receive the instant value.

Wema Bank Customer Care live chat

You can easily reach Wema Bank using their customer live chat here.

However, to reach them one phone number, you can call the following…

07000PURPLE (07000787753), +234-8039003700, send an SMS to 07051112111 or send an e-mail at For now, there is no Whatsapp number to reach them.

That’s all friends, I hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it as well. Use the comments box if you have any other questions.

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