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How To Check/Change BVN Date Of Birth, Phone Number & Details

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) which is an 11 digit number was introduced in Nigeria in other to curbed all forms of financial fraud and theft. The BVN serve as your universal identity (ID) in all the banks and financial institution within the country. So as you can see this is for your own personal banking safety.

I have seen many people having one problem or the other about their BVN details which include, the wrong date of birth or names. This problem can really affect you in the banking sector.

Try as much as possible to avoid any form of mistake when filling out forms for a new bank account or other forms that require your BVN number (If you already have BVN). Make sure the names and dates of birth details you give correspond with the one on your BVN.

What of if the deed has been done. For example, you want to open a new bank account and you don’t know the dates of birth you use during your BVN registration.

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Well, you can actually check your BVN date of birth and details. But you can only do so by visiting the Bank you enroll with or any of the Bank branch you have an account with.

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First of all, you need to copy your BVN number by dialing this code *565*0# using the mobile number you registered with. Copy the code and visits any of the Bank branches to check your BVN Date of birth, phone number, and other details. If you have an account with GTBank, dial *737*6*1# to check your BVN number.

How To Correct/Change and Update Your BVN Details

To update your BVN or makes some corrections, or changes which can be a name, date of birth, and phone number, you will need the following documents.

  • To change the date of birth: Birth certificate.
  • To change names and other details due to marriage: Marriage certificate as proof.
  • For a change of names, phone number: You will need an international passport, national identity card, or voters card showing the correct name.

After you have all the requirements above, take them to any of your bank branches and they will attend to you.

How to Change Phone Number on your BVN

The truth is that changing your BVN phone number if you don’t have access to anymore is very important. This is because you will always need your BVN registration number many times during any banking application or even when applying for a federal job or a program like Npower.

To get your BVN number you will have to dial *565*0# on any of the network providers in the country. You will have to dial this code using the number you used during your BVN registration.

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The good news is that you can visit the Bank you registered your BVN to change your phone number. If you register your BVN with First Bank, go to the Bank to make the changes and if you register with Union Bank, you also have to visit Union to make the change and so on.

While going to your Bank for the changes, make sure you go with your ID as it will be required to process with the correction. The ID can be your voter’s card, driver’s license or National ID.

Change BVN phone number

How to change BVN Number Online

This is the message many wants to know. Changing the BVN number online seems to be the best and easy. However as easy as it seems, it won’t be that possible. In fact, it’s not possible to change your BVN phone number online for now.

Yes, there is no website that lets you change your BVN number online. To make the changes, you have to visit your bank with your ID to make the changes.

How to Check BVN Details online

You can easily get your BVN number through SMS by dialing *565*0# on the MTN line. Yes, it’s that simple, however, if you wish to check further details like date of birth, the phone number you used, etc, you will have to visit your bank.

To get the details, make sure you visit the Bank you enroll with. For example, visit FCMB if you registered your BVN with FCMB bank and so on with other banks.

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How to link BVN with your account

It’s very easy to link your BVN with your Bank. You can do this through SMS, Bank portal, USSD code, and Bank BVN portal.

Example to link your BVN account, dial *945*bvn#. The BVN is the number and it will link your BVN with your account.

You can also link your BVN through the Bank portal. For example, to link your BVN number to your GTB, the steps below will be followed.

  1. Log on to GTB Internet Banking.
  2. Select BVN Linker from the left-hand panel.
  3. Click on New Request.
  4. From the drop-down menu, put your Bank Verification Number.
  5. Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued.
  6. Answer your Secret Question and continue.

After that, your BVN will be linked to your GT Bank account. You can also use a similar method to link your BVN with other Banks.

BVN Online Registration

Registration of BVN online can be stressful especially at this time where social distancing is the new regulation. The stress and other factors has made it almost impossible for some due to their tight schedules.

Because of that, many have been looking for ways to register their BVN online. But the question still remains, is it possible to register your BVN online without going to the Bank?

For now, the answer is No. You can not register your BVN online. You can only link your BVN online by following the instructions provided by your Bank.

Hint To Note: There is no method, for now, to know your BVN details without going to the bank because all BVN database is secured (Correct me if I’m wrong).

You can only check your BVN number with this code *565*0# both on MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile. After that, a charge of N20 will be deducted from your account and the 11 digit number will be sent to you.


    • You will have to visit your bank with your ID. Either Voters card, Driver’s license or National ID. They will give you a form to fill for the correction. Good luck!

  1. Comment:pls sir I want to change my date of birth nd I have my national ID and birth certificate with the current date of birth. is there any other documents for that process?

  2. pls i want to correct my age on my bvn…is it a must i go to the bank i register with or any of there bank branch…because am no longer in state i register from.

  3. Sorry If anyone have idea what I should do in this case, I register my BVN in Beijing China with my China phone no, now I am living in Germany, I would like to change my phone number.

  4. Good morning miracle, I have issue with my bvn date of birth, where they’re supposed to put 1 they put 11, I went to my enrollment center which is access bank and appropriate changes have been made but here at National Identity management office where I want to do National I.D card they’re still seeing the old information, I went back to two different banks for bvn print out in order to see if the information could be accessed from anywhere and it was so, the 2 print out captured the correct information, with the two print out I went back to NIN office but upon getting there I was told that is only CBN that can change the information, they said what ever change the bank made didn’t get to CBN and I was directed to go pay N15,000 to get it changed, could you please throw more light that?, because millions of people are affected

      • What exactly do you want to know? You can check your BVN date of birth by going to the Bank. There is no way to do that online. However, if you want to open a Bank account, make sure that the name and other details you used on your BVN correspond.

    • Too bad. This is the first time I’m seeing such a thing. Don’t pay money to anybody. They are trying to exploit you. Just give it some time. Maybe 72 hours that is to say 3 working days. It should reflect on CBN data based. Or batter still one week.

      • This must be a new thing. I will have to investigate it. Before that time, try confirming from your Bank that you made the necessary changes. Tell them that till now your BVN changes have not reflected on CBN data. You cant get your NIN with it.

    • What you want to do is modification of age. They are right when they said you’re going to pay the sum of#15,000. See go to any bank and tell them you want RRR for modification of age that is going to federal government account. Maybe, from there you’ll be guided on what to do. But please ensure you’re guided properly before taking any step

  5. Hello sir,I open an account with. Fidelity bank,and I fill a wrong date of birth, the costumer care ,detect that the bvn as another date of birth,…how d I fix this up

    • You have to correct it. Request for correction on the Fidelity Bank. or better still request for a correction on the BVN account.

  6. Please i have problem with my client and they say before I will do anything with my bank I need to know the phone number I use for registration of bvn and for me this is the last four digits number 5187, but they were sending me messages that this is the last four digits number 0044 please I need full of it and the first phone number I use for registration of the bvn number. Thanks for understanding.

    • Which banks did you register the BVN with? They will in a better position to tell you the number you used in the BVN registration. Just contact your bank.

  7. Please l have problem with my phone on the bvn, the number on the bvn is … which is rong,, the correct number is please help me.

    • We can not help you here. We are not staff of BVN. You have to visit your bank. And please stop dropping your number or any banking information online. It’s not safe.

  8. I was scammed ND my bvn was collected… how do I go about that now.. because I DNT want the person to have access to my account

  9. I have issues with my bvn the number I use for my bvn has lost and I went to the bank to do update but after the update I want to request for a loan on my phone, but if they send me confirmation code it brings back the previous number so I can’t see the confirmation code

  10. Pls I am having issue I lost my phone number I can not access my bvn and I want to change my name in my bvn pls what do I do

  11. I don’t know my date of birth that is used on my bvn. So i want to know if i change will it be change on my bank account?

  12. Agu Friday my date of birth that I use to register bvn I can’t remember but I know my bvn numbers send it to 08136204773

  13. Please i did BVN change of name last two days, will it be effected not? I mean how long will i wait to know wen it will be effected?

  14. Sir, is it possible to use BVN for 2banks, and bank to congratulate u on ur birthday in a different day.
    How to know that u know ur original date of birth.

  15. My poster u need to update your post bcus you can now enroll on your BVN without going to bank. You can do it in some Cafes

    • Can you please explain how. The last time I check, its only bank that can access a person BVN. BVN is not some kind of Jamb registration that you can access in some Cafes. Don’t allow anyone to scam you. There is no cafe that has such authority to access BVN. Secure your BVN, its the backbone of your money.

  16. Comment:please I want to change my BVN date of birth from 14/07/1991 to 14/07/1996.
    the date of birth in my national ID card is 14/07/1991 i did the national ID card since 2015.

    please what will I do to make it correspond.

  17. Pls i want to be sure,,,chaging my D.O.B on my BVN do i need to go along with my own birth certificate or affidavit birth certificate … Pls do reply me am being confused.

  18. I already come to fcmb bank more 6 time to change my bvn why are you guys making It difficult please do this for me guys I really need it and it delaying something come down there everyday z 1000 .pls guy help me.

    • Sorry to hear that. We are not BVN staff so there is no way to help you out. Keep contacting your Bank and make sure you have the correct information needed. If you want to change your phone number, I will advise you do SIM welcome back instead.

  19. pls sir. i use my residential address to open an account and i wanted to changed it. i don’t no waider is possible sir, pls help!


  21. i have a suggestion. it is something that worked for me.
    To change phone number or other details remotely, just contact your bank manager, request for the form to update bvn details, it will be emailed to you. Download the form, fill it, scan it and send it back to your account manager alongside your means of ID.

    i did this with Access Bank to change the phone number on my bvn and it worked.

  22. Please sir is it possible to do my national Id card with my correct date of birth and then later go to the bank to change it to the correct one

  23. Hello there
    I want to change my name of the bvn

    They told me to bring supporting documents like birth certificate and ID card but I don’t have the ID card
    So I want to use my international passport, it’s still valid

    Will it be accepted

  24. Hello there
    I want to change my name of the bvn

    They told me to bring supporting documents like birth certificate and ID card but I don’t have the ID card
    So I want to use my international passport, it’s still valid

    Will it be accepted


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