How To Check/Change BVN Date Of Birth, Phone Number & Details

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) which is an 11 digit number was introduced in Nigeria in other to curbed all forms of financial fraud and theft. The BVN serve as your...

How to Recharge Gotv, DStv, and Startime with Union Bank

Gone are the days when you have to buy a recharge card before you can enjoy your cable TV phone providers. These days, it's as easy as possible to subscribe to...
Puk code without calling

How to get PUK code without calling customer service

Is it possible to get your network SIM card PUK code without calling customer service?, The answer is yes. You can get your PUK code without calling your network provider by...

Facebook Refused To load Photos And Videos: Fixed

Have you noticed this, Your Facebook account sometimes will refuse to load photos and videos? Normally this can be caused when you are on Free mode which is available on both Airtel...
Infinix Xhide

Infinix Xhide: Reset Xhide Password And Download

Xhide is an Infinix application that lets users hide and unhide apps, videos, images, and files. Infinix mobility brings this great app hiding features to help users protect their privacy. This...

Payoneer Account In Nigeria, Exchange Rate & Bank Withdrawal

Did you know you can own a USA bank account in Nigeria and other countries, fund it, received money and also use to make payment online using your dollar MasterCard? Yes,...

Unable To Make Conference calls on Vivo phones? Let’s fix it

Making conference calls is one of those things that keeps friends and family together. It's like a bond that many old friends will love to cherish. Thanks to Vivo for making...
hack SIM card

How To Hack a SIM Card And Protect Your SIM

Are you looking for how to hack a SIM card? Yes, it's possible, however, if you want to hack another SIM card, it's techy and might require some additional knowledge to...
Apple music

How to see how many songs you have on Apple Music or Spotify Mac/iPhone

Do you wish to know how many songs you have played on your Apple Music or Spotify? Below we will be working you the process on how to check how many songs...
airpods connect

Can Stolen Airpods be Used By Someone Else?

Airpods is now becoming a status symbol all thanks to its premium price tags and also a recognize design. Although not everyone will afford to buy Airpods but as sad as...

Free Browsing

MTN Date Cheat Code For Free Browsing 2020

Hey relaxed, I know you are for MTN data cheat code, but wait a minute, why do you love to cheat, oh my bad,...