How To Reset Union Bank Mobile App, ATM, Mobile Banking Pin/Password

For some time now, I have been having issues with my Union Bank mobile PIN. Unfortunately for me, I have forgotten the PIN is used to open the mobile banking. I have tried all the PIN I have off heart and none of them seems to be valid. Well, I have no other option than to reset the PIN.

I believe I’m not the only one facing or have faced this problem before. Many of you are aware of the risk of using a common PIN that many will easily guess when opening any Banking account. So it’s better you use a difficult password that you will forget than use a PIN that someone can easily use to steal from you.

Reset PIN

The good news is that you can always reset your PIN you used on your ATM, mobile APP or even the normal mobile banking that uses USSD code. The process is not that simple though as I initially thought.

Although there is an option on the Union Bank App that you can click to reset PIN when forgotten. Funny enough the process is not working. Because I clicked on it for more than 10X waiting to receive a new password or link to reset my PIN which never shows up. And when I contacted Union Bank Customer Care, they asked me to go to their Branch to reset the PIN.

How To Reset Union Bank Mobile PIN

Yes, there is no shortcut to reset your PIN for now. This is also for security purposes as per info. So to reset your PIN you have to visit any Union Bank branch in your location using your BVN number because that is what they will use to capture your picture and other information before resetting your PIN for you.

You can also use this opportunity to know your USERNAME if you have forgotten it. Note, Union Bank Mobile App username is always in CAPITAL Latter. You can use the form they will give you to reset your ATM PIN, mobile Bank PIN, phone number and many more.

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