How To Change Union Bank Phone Number

Did you know it’s possible to change your Union Bank phone number using the Union Bank ATM or on-line? Yes, it’s possible. We understand that sometimes, people tend to misplaced or lost their mobile device which has their SIM on it.


Although in most cases it’s advisable you do a SIM card welcome back so that you can still have access to your mobile banking. However, not everyone will want to go through that rigorous process of SIM welcome.

Beware, if you lost your phone and wish to do a welcome, make sure you block the ATM card that is associated with the SIM card number. Below, we will be showing you the easy way to change your phone number online or through the ATM card if you are banking with Union Bank.

How To Change Union Bank Phone Number

There are two ways to change the Union Bank’s phone number. One is going to the bank while the other is using the ATM. Let’s break it down for more understanding.


Changing Union Bank Number At the Bank

If you lost or just wish to change your phone number. You can visit any of the Union Bank branches in Nigeria and make a complaint.

Just let them know that you want to change the mobile number you use to receive an alert and other mobile banking. They will give you an application to register for the phone number update.

Before going to the bank, make sure you have your ID card which can be Voters Card, driver’s license or National ID.

Changing Union Bank Number through ATM Machine

This seems to be the easiest and simple way to make some necessary changes on your Bank account without any long queue or filling of application.

To change your phone number, all you have to do is to visit any Union Bank ATM Machine (Must be Union Bank ATM). When you reach there, insert your card and inside Services, you’ll find an option called, Update or change mobile number.

Just enter the new number twice and it will be updated in two working days. That’s simply right.


As you can see, it pretty much simple to change your mobile number on Union Bank. The process isn’t that difficult and rigorous than others.

All you have to is to follow the method accordingly and your mobile number will get updated. Did you have the Union Bank mobile application? You can also make some necessary updates on the App.

You should give it a try as well. You can contact Union Bank customer care for further assistance with this number +234-1-2716816.


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  1. can’t i do it on my phone

  2. Sele lamech ayibala

    I have went to the bank three times now. To do change of alert. But non has worked. Am tired of, will soon leave that bank.

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    I want change my phone number and email

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    I want to change my phone number I use in receiving alert
    To 09021892933

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