How to request for GTBank ATM card online

I know you must be wondering whether it’s possible to request for GTB Bank ATM Card online without going to the Bank. Well, if you are thinking that way, you are correct though because some Banks in India, UAE, and other developed countries do ship ATM Card after the person might have ordered it online through their online banking.



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But for us here in Nigeria, it sounds almost impossible to do that. Yes, it’s not that impossible, but considering the Cybercrimes rates, no Bank will take that risk. You can only block your ATM card and unblock it online, but getting a new card will require your presence at their office Branch.

request gtb ATM card online

Please, if you come at any website that looks like GTB and gives you options to request for a new ATM card, they’re fake and may use the information you provide there to steal your money.


Instead of looking for a short cut, make out time and visit any GTB branch that is close to you.  If you have blocked your GTB Bank, to unblock it, you will have to put a call to GTB and let them know the situation. However, if you have the mobile app, login, and navigate to the card.

Check to see if there is an option to unblock your card. If you block the card via the mobile app, you will surely see an option to unblock it.

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  1. This is false. Do your due diligence always, you can request for a GTB atm card online through internet banking or their mobile app


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