How To Change First Bank Phones Number Online.

This post will show you how to change your First Bank phone number on your phone online without visiting their branch office. It will also show you how to set up your First Bank alert to get all the necessary bank statement at the right time.

Normally if you have any issue with your account details like the phone number and other credentials you will have to visit First Bank, collect a form, fill it and submit before they will attend to you.

But now First Bank has made it easy for you to change your phone number without visiting their branch right on your phone sitting comfortably on your couch.

First Bank phone number

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How To Change First Bank Phone Number Online.

To Change your First Bank phone number and update your details follow the steps below.

  • Click on Self-service. Under the personal information tab, click on the main customer information.
  • Enter your new phone number or email Address you want to change.
  • Click on update and your phone number or email address will be updated automatically.

Bonus. You can also use this platform to schedule alert such as…

Security Alert: You will get notifications when someone tries to access your account like changing of username, email address or when your account has been blocked because of wrong information such as password and others.

Budget Alert: You will get notifications when you spend or exceed beyond your budget category or targeted amount.

To enjoy all this goodies and freebie banking from the first bank you will have to download their mobile App either on Google PlayStore or apple store.

After you have installed the app on your smartphone use your credit card and open a new account.

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85 thoughts on “How To Change First Bank Phones Number Online.”

  1. Comment I downloaded the first bank app it still requesting for the otp sent to the number I used to open the accout and I went to the bank to change the number but it still the same story..pls his can I go about it perfectly on line

  2. Comment:is it possible to change my brother’s that’s not in Nigeria first bank account phone number he misplaced the sim card he linked with his first bank account when he downloaded the mobile app again they said an otp code has been sent to that number which he doesn’t have is it possible for me to change it in first bank for him because he’s not in Nigeria and he doesn’t have ascess to his account again for months now

  3. I need my bvn number urgently the SIM I used to register has been stolen I’ve tried using the steps above by the self service is not showing the personal information I tried updating and it’s still the same

  4. I have mobile app but can’t confirm the app due in ability to to use the barrel line how do I change my phone and confirm the app

  5. I tried changing the number on atm and it was successful but over a week now, I still can’t receive alert on the new number

  6. Hi. I tried to change my phone number associated with Firstbank account through iOS Firstbank Mobile App. Though there is no “personal information tab” under Self Service tab. I do not know the reason why, it may be iOS issue. Do you know any solution under this? (I am not Nigerian and I cannot go back in this COVID19 lockdown so no access to ATM in Naija)

    • Sorry, I just checked and the option is no longer there. The only solution is to used ATM manchine or visit first bank branch and since you are not in Nigeria. You should contact First Bank for more information.

  7. I want to change my alert number but I’ve go through the step but i dont see self service there how will I do it

  8. Am having serious issue with the online banking platform, whenever i login they tell me “this mobile user has been deactivated” i laid a complain at the bank and i was told to write a letter requesting for reactivation of mobile banking which I did, but till then it’s the same message i get whenever i log in.
    So can’t i completely delete my account in the app and Register again or something?

    • You can do that. But will have to reset your phone setting or better still factory reset it. Before doing that, make sure you back up your files and data.

  9. Have lost the sim card am using to recieve alert and I wanna replace it with this num:+20**** 0r abiolanafisat25@

  10. Please sir help me and change the number iheanyi Juliet.i can receive alert. my new phone number is
    090.i want to bank last week fill form nothing show up no alert.

    • Contact your Bank again and let them know that the number has not reflected yet. However, you should give it at least 3 days to one week.

  11. I lost my alert n bvn sim I want to change the number how can I do that without going to bank n they re sending otp to d sim I misplaced

  12. I lost my alert sim card of recent, how can change the oldest number to another new sim card inoder to receiving alert on my phone

  13. I went to change my number at first bank in ikotun
    The girl told me
    After 3 working days
    Nd it not working at all

    Till now
    It has not start

    Why nah

  14. I lost my sim I need to change my alart sim card but first bank say that my account is not up to one year how can I reserve my alart

  15. What of a situation where by u get to the bank and The bankers says dat the number u lost has now been taken by someone else how do u intend to recover ur acct details like alart and etc.


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