How to Recharge Startime, Gotv, DStv with Access Bank

For some time now, I have been receiving different inquiries on how to recharge Startime with Access Bank. Well, just as you can recharge your Startime with First Bank you can also do the same with Access Bank. This method of subscribing for Startime is also applicable to other TV payments such as Gotv, DStv etc. We will be showing all the steps involved to do that.

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Recharging Startime, Gotv, DStv with Access Bank USD code

Of course, it’s possible to recharge your Startime, Gotv, and DStv using your mobile phone via Access Bank. You also should be aware that this method is the same with Diamond Bank since they merged with Access Bank. So you can make any TV payment using Access Bank without any recharge card.

To do that, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Dial *903# from your mobile phone
Step 2: Enter 3 for the “Bill Payment” option
Step 3: This will display different Bill
Step 4: You can use this to pay for DStv, Startime, Gotv or even PHCN
Step 5: Now enter the number for appropriate option e.g 2 is for DStv payment.
Step 6: Then supply the details that follow such as your Smart card number and the subscription plan.

After that, wait for some minutes for your subscription to start. It’s recommended that you changed the channel to a premium one. Recharging Startime, Gotv, DStv With Access Bank Mobile App

If you have a smartphone, you can easily pay for any TV bill using the app. This App allows you to recharge your Startime, Gotv and even DStv. The process is simple and straightforward. All you need is to log in to the app and go to bill payment. Just follow the instructions there and you are good to go.



That’s all, and as you can see, it’s easy and simple to recharge your Gotv, Dstv, and Startime using the Access Bank Mobile App or the USD code. However, it’s also good to know that you can make all these TV payments and subscriptions using other means such as recharge cards, through their official website or even using the ATM.

Just go for the one that will be easy and convenient for you. Please don’t forget to share this and use the comments box if you have any other questions.


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  1. It long ago I bought my star time decoder, I recharged once since 2012 till date. I want to start again, will it still be at its functions without delay if recharge? Thank you!


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