Polaris Mobile Banking, Change of Phone Number, PIN, and Transfer Code

Polaris Bank is one of the best banks in Nigeria. Anyone can open an account with Polaris Bank even in the comfort of your home. In this article, we will be looking at the Polaris Mobile and internet banking with all the features you need to know. We will be showing you how to do a transfer, change of phone number, PIN, recharge your Gotv, Startime, and many more.

Polaris Bank


How to open an account on Polaris Bank With Mobile Phone

You can easily open a savings account with Polaris Bank on your phone using the smart code *833#. With that smart code, you can do the following

  • Open an account instantly
  • Buy airtime
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay your bills conveniently

Now to open an account, dial *833*1# and follow the onscreen prompts. After that, an account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. The interesting part is that you don’t need to fill any form. However, your BVN number will be required during the process.


To get your BVN number, just Dial *565*0#. Below are all the step-up needs to take.

Step 1: Dial *833# and select option 1 or Dial *833*1# from your phone.
Step 2: Now follow the onscreen instructions by entering your First name, Last name, Date of Birth, Address
Step 3: Once completed, you will receive an SMS of Polaris Bank Account Number with instructions to take if there is any.

How to activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code

To register for Polaris Bank transfer follow the steps below.
Step 1: On your mobile phone, dial *833# from the registered line.
Step 2: Follow the prompts to enter your account Number
Step 3: Enter any 4 digit number to be used as a PIN
Step 4: You should now see your Balance display.
Step 5: Congrats, you have successfully registered for *833# Smart Banking.


How to subscribe for Gotv, Startime, DStv with Polaris Bank

You can pay for your TV payment and other bills using the smart code. You can also pay for your electricity bills and fund your Bet9ja account. All you have to do is to dial *833*2# from your mobile phone, select your preferred account to pay with, select a biller, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 1: Dial *833*2# on your mobile phone
Step 2: Select which of your Polaris Bank Accounts you would like to use.
Step 3: Select the biller you would like to pay. It can be Gotv, Startime or DStv
Step 3: Follow the prompts and enter the amount.
Step 4: Enter your PIN which is the 4 digit created during the registration.

How to transfer money to another Bank Account with Polaris Bank

To transfer money to Polaris Bank or another Bank, all you need to do is to dial *833*Amount*Account Number# from your registered phone number. It’s that simple. See the steps below.


Step 1: Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*2000*1234567890#)
Step 2: Select the bank of the account you want to transfer to
Step 3: Verify the account Name
Step 4: Select which of your accounts you want to transfer from
Step 5: Finally, enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


Step 1: Dial *833# and select option 3 (Transfers) or Dial *833*3#
Step 2: Select the account to debit
Step 3: Select receiver’s bank
Step 4: Enter the Account Number you would like to transfer to and click ‘Send’
Step 5: Confirm the Account name and enter the ‘Amount’ to transfer
Step 6: Enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

How to Block Your Polaris Bank ATM Card

If your ATM card is lost, stolen, expired, or missing, you can block it by dialing *833*4# and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Check Your Polaris Bank Account Balance

You can check your Polaris Bank account either at the ATM or using your mobile phone. To check it on your mobile phone, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Dial *833*6# from your Polaris Bank registered line
Step 2: Select option 6 to check your balance
Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your account number
Step 4: Enter your 4 digit PIN to see your account balance.

Note: A charge of N10 will be deducted from your account.

How to Pay with Masterpass

You can also make payment with Masterpass anywhere you see their logo as a means of payment gateway. All you have to do is to dial *833*7# and follow the on-screen prompts to make a MasterPass payment.

How to Buy Airtime with Polaris Bank

If you run out of Airtime you can easily top up your account or even buy for someone. Just dial *833*AMOUNT# to buy Airtime for yourself or dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# to buy airtime for others.

Here is the step to take.

Step 1: Dial *833*AMOUNT# from your phone line registered with Polaris Bank and your line is instantly recharged

To buy for another person

Step 1: Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# (e.g. *833*200*08001234567#)
Step 2: Select account
Step 3: Select network
Step 4: Select network
Step 5: Select Account to Debit
Step 6: Enter Pin.


Step 1: Dial Dial *833#
Step 2: Select option 8 on the menu (Airtime top-up) click on send
Step 3: Select option 2 for the third party
Step 4: Select the account to debit
Step 5: Select receiver’s network
Step 6: Enter receiver’s phone number
Step 7: Enter airtime amount
Step 8: Enter PIN

How to Change Transfer PIN on Polaris Bank

If you have forgotten your PIN or transfer code you can easily contact Polaris customer service for PIN Reset or you can change it yourself. Follow the steps below to change your PIN.

Step 1: Dial *833# from your phone line registered with Polaris Bank
Step 2: Select option 1 for PIN change
Step 3: Select the account number you would like to change pin for
Step 4: Enter your current PIN or default pin (where a PIN reset has been done) in the ‘OLD PIN” field and send
Step 5: Enter your new preferred PIN in the ‘New PIN’ field
Step 6: Re-Enter your new preferred PIN to confirm
Step 7: You have successfully changed your PIN.

Polaris Customer Care Service Phone Number And Email

If you encounter any problem and want to reach Polaris customer care for help, you can contact them using the address and number below.

  • Email or
  • call 0700 75932265, 0806 988 0000,
  • 01 4482 100, 01 270 5850 or
  • visit your nearest branch.

Polaris Bank Daily Transfer Limit

The daily transfer limit using mobile transfer is N50,000. You can always visit a branch to increase your transaction limit or you can use Polaris Mobile. For airtime top-up, the daily recharge limit is N5,000 daily and N20,000 monthly.

Charges Apply for using Mobile Code for Transaction

  • Balance Enquiry N10.50
  • Transfers (Same Bank) N10.50
  • Transfers (Different Bank) N52.50
  • Bill Payments (PHCN, DSTV) N105
  • Bill Payments (LCC) N52.50
  • Bill Payments (Bet9ja) N52.50
  • All other services on *833# smart banking are not charged

PolarisMobile App

PolarisMobile is another great way to carry out any transaction on the go. The mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple store. With the app, you can easily send money without any charges, pay bills Bet9Ja, DSTV/GoTV, Startimes, EKEDC, etc) and many more.

Polaris Internet Banking

Polaris also has internet banking which they called PolarisXperience. This is a user-friendly platform that boasts of delivering a plethora of services you can initiate and complete anywhere and anytime.

Features of Polaris Internet Banking

  • Make payments and transfer within and outside the bank
  • Initiate an international funds transfer
  • Set standing instructions
  • Pay bills such as cable TV, Internet subscriptions, Utility, Transport, and Toll
  • Top-up airtime
  • Request for checkbook

Block your lost or stolen cards

To sign up, click here and visit the closest branch to complete and submit an internet banking request form.

How to get a POS machine from Polaris Bank

You can get a POS machine from Polaris Bank which will help to boost the sales of your retail store, school, fuel station, or other businesses. If you are interested, below are the features of Polaris POS.

  • Instant notification on all successful transactions.
  • Acceptance of all card types issued in Nigeria.
  • Option to receive payments from international cards without the deployment of additional POS.
  • Customizable to meet customer’s specific requirements.
  • Additional income can be made through bills payments, cashback, and other value-added services.


  • Convenient means of payment for customers thereby increasing turnover
  • Online real-time monitoring of transactions Improved accounting and reconciliation systems
  • Reduction in the risk of carrying cash.
  • Ability to generate electronic receipts for payments
  • Efficient support which guarantees timely response to feedback

How to Apply

  • Open a current account with Polaris Bank
  • Complete the POS request form (you can download from here)
  • Submit the form to your account officer or the customer service officer at your branch

How to change a phone number on Polaris Bank

To change your phone number on Polaris Bank, you should visit any nearest Polaris Bank with your ID. They will give you a form to fill and after that, your phone number will be changed. You can also use the same step to update any other information such as date of birth, and BVN number as well.

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