Change UBA Bank Phone Number

This post will show you how to Change UBA Bank Phone Number and Alert Number for your account and email as well. All the details and UBA customer care contact numbers and address.

The United Bank of Africa is one of the top banks in Nigeria. They offer good customer care services both online and offline. If you need any help you can contact them via their social media handler and they will reply to you.

how to change uba bank phone number

UBA Contact Number. 

Generalline – 260 971779718 (8am-5pm) CFC Anglophone line – +260 211 389500 (24/7), +260 211 389501, +260 211 389502, +260 211 389503

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How To Change UBA Phone Number.

One of the problems most customers face is the loss of their mobile number that is connected to their personal account with UBA. So in this post, we will show you the easiest way to change your UBA phone number so that you will be getting all the necessary bank statements straight into your mobile device.

If you lost your mobile phone or you just want to change your phone number connected to your UBA account you will have to visit any of their Bank branches in your location. Before we go further on the procedures, let us look at the benefits of phone numbers to the UBA account.

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Below are the benefits of UBA mobile transaction

  • You will get all the deposit and withdraw alert right on your phone/ or email
  • They will send you the amount deposited or withdraw from your account.
  • They will provide you with the balance available after the transaction.
  • UBA will contact you directly if they noticed any suspicious transaction on your account.

Just as mentioned above before you will change your UBA Phone Number you have to enroll for it at their benches with the following information.

  • Your mobile Phones Number.
  • Email address.
  • Voter’s card or any other means of identification.

Note: After successful enrollment, you will be charged 0.3 per SMS alert while the email alert is free.

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Conclusion: I know you were looking for ways to change your UBA phone number online without visiting the Bank. Sorry, there is no such shortcut for now. We will keep you posted if there are other means of changing the UBA phone number online without visiting the bank.


  1. I went to the bank to change mine but still haven’t reflect, I’m trying to use my number to check my account balance but it’s saying the account number and the phone number are not linked

  2. I want to change the number I use to link my bvn to my new no because they have sold the number to another person

  3. Please upgrade your service going to bank for changing registered mobile number or alert mobile number is outdated however it should be easily done online. I seriously need to change my registered mobile number now and their is no way for me to go to the bank because of lock down.

  4. Trying to make use of my ATM for online banking but the number appearing for my soft token is not my number

  5. I lost my phone number now am unable to receive alert and online tranction. Am busing stay at home mom. Going to the bank is not easy now. Pls any way out.

  6. I lost my sim card and I have go and report and they change it for me but if I want to log in to my mobile app it will ask for my old number

  7. Pls am not in the country right now, here I Lost my sim card which is connected to my account how Can I change my mobile number, and I needed it for my transaction pls ok

  8. I went to the bank to change mine but still haven’t reflect, I’m trying to use my number to check my account balance but it’s saying the account number and the phone number are not linked


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