How to Generate Access Bank Token Code

If you are looking for how to generate Access Bank Token Code For Free, below in this article we will be showing you the steps involved in getting Access Bank token code without paying any dime.

To make it clearer, token Tokens are used to authorize bank transactions. So if you are a business person that carry out millions of transaction on daily basis, you will surely need a token code to process it.

Tokens are also a security measure to make sure that you are the one carrying out the transactions.

This type of token will make it easy to transfer a huge sum of money at a go. Well, there is basically two types of tokens and they are hard or soft tokens. The soft token is generated using your phone while the hard token is a device that generates the token codes.

Access Bank Token

The good news is that you can easily generate tokens on Access Bank using codes or via the Access Bank Mobile app. Note, token codes are just like an OTP. So you need to make use of them once you generate them or they will expire.

To generate a token on Access Bank token, go to the App Store and search for Entrust OTP, download, and install it on your device.

Now to get the Access Bank token, visit any of the Access Bank Branch close to you and talk to the customer care representative.

They will help you to generate token code that cost N1,500 (soft token) and N2,700 (hard token).

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