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  1. I lost my phone of which my alert number was, all efforts to retrieve the SIM for now proved abortive. I had been going to my access branch since the 10th of this month only to be told till after covid-19 saga. Pls, I needed money for my family amid this pandemic issue. Kindly assist to change my line so that I can make transfer. My ATM had expired on the 30th April, 2020. Waiting for your response.

    • Sorry, I don’t work with Access Bank, so there is nothing I can do. However, you can make transfer using mobile App or visit your Bank and explain to them. They should be able to give you a cheque for cash withdrawal.

  2. Access bank u doing a good job but u peaple need to work on how some one can change his number online i have been going to the bank but there is a alot of peaple and up till now i have not been a to change my phone number pls u peaple need to do something

  3. I lost my ATM and my alart number I need to change my number so I will be able to see alart and make mobile transfer

  4. I want to change my phone number but it seems i can’t do it online so if am going to the bank,what should i go with. Just in case

  5. I visited my bank and I was given a form to fill for change of phone number. While on processing my request they told me it’s done that I should go. I have tried accessing my account throw *901# it’s not working. Does it mean I should go back to them or is there any other code I have to enter to reset something. Please help

  6. Comment:my phone was snash by bad guys sometimes ago and I want to change my phone number to the one I am using now


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