How To Activate & Reset Gotv After Payment Online & Code

You might experience some problem after you made payment on Gotv. For example, some of the channels, if not all may refuse to show up. Meaning they still need activation before that will come up again. In this post, we will be working you through on how you can reset your Gotv channels after payment without any hitches.

Reset Gotv


Normally, the activation should occur immediately you made the payment, but sometimes you would have to manually reset your decoder before the channels will come up again. Also note, that you can make payment for Gotv using your First Bank account and you can do that online without visiting them.
The good thing here is that you can also reset or activate your Gotv via text message and you can also get it activated online using your smartphone.

How To Activate & Reset Gotv Using Text Message/Code

To activates your Gotv using text message, simply text Reset, then your Gotv account number to 4688 and you will have it done.


How To Activate & Reset Gotv Online

  • Open a new tab on your phone and visit Easy Gotv
  • Log in to your Gotv account using your account number and surname
  • Now click on the dialogue box “Clear Your Error”
  • Clear the E16 Error
  • Finally, click on “Reset Device Now” tab
  • This will automatically reset your Gotv channels

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How To Reset & Activate Gotv Using Code Number

You can also activate your Gotv account on your mobile phone without internet access. To do that you will need only code and that is what we will be working you through below.

  • Pick up your phone and dial *423# on any network
  • On the prompt that reads “Assistance from customer care”
  • You should use it to speak to the customer care to help you resolve the activation problem in a few minutes.

That’s all if this does not work for you,  contact their customers care service using the last method above to reach them. You can also use the comment box if you need our future assistance.

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