How To Activate DSTV Subscription After Payment In Nigeria

Are you missing channels after paying for your DSTV subscription and you are worried. You are not alone, many Nigerians face the same problem and in this post, we will show you the quick solution to your problem.

We will guide you on how to reset or activate your DSTV Subscription after payment so you can start to enjoy your favorite TV program again. In most cases, you are facing this problem when you fail to renew your DSTV Subscription before the expiring date and this will automatically disconnect your account.

You will only have access to free channels and the best way to get back the missing channels again after you later Pay for the subscription is to reset your DSTV.

To activate your DSTV subscription follow the easy steps below…

How To Activate DSTV Subscription After Payment.

You can activate your DSTV subscription after payment either through SMS or DSTV easy service. Before following the below method, make sure the smartcard your decoder is powered on is inserted correctly when fixing errors.

How To Activate DSTV Subscription After Payment Via SMS

This method is the fastest and easy way to activate your DSTV subscription anytime any day. Now after making the payment, pick up your phone, go to text message and send RESET followed by your SmartCard number to 30333

This message will notify the DSTV office and they will reset your DSTV subscription which will automatically bring those missing channels back. After you send the message, you will get a response that the re-authentication process is in process.

Wait for some minutes and after that, you should be able to view your subscribed channels again. You can use this method on any network. It works on Airtel, Glo, 9Monile, and MTN.

How To Activate DSTV Subscription After Payment Using DSTV Easy Service

To reset your DSTV subscription follow the steps below after making the payment.

  • Visit the DStv website at and select Nigeria as your country.
  • Sign into your account using your name or mobile number with your SmartCard number.
  • Click on fix error
  • On the dialogue box, enter your Smartcard number.
  • Now select the E16 error option
  • Enter the captcha text display in the box.
  • Click on fix error
  • Done, the error will be fixed immediately and your subscribed channels will be visible.

This is the best method to activate DSTV subscription after payment. Of the two methods above does not work for you, you should contact or call DSTV customer care.

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