Cubot service center in Nigeria

Cubot is already gaining momentum in the Nigeria market. Many people are already using the device. Well, to me Cubot is a nice phone that at least has value for money. With as little as 19,000 Naira, you can get a Cubot phone that looks nice and attractive.

Because of that many people are already desperate to know the Cubot service center in Nigeria. Well, for now, you can reach Cubot via their email or profile. Below are their contact details.



  • QQ:28516765022851676502
  • Tel:+ 86 – 755 83821787 – 814
  • E-mail:
  • Tel:+ 0086-755 23612065

Cubot company promises that if your product that is still under warranty has a problem, you can send it to a service center for repair. If the phone has a fault, they offer both free replacement and free labor. However, if you are the one that spoils it, they offer free labor only.



That means you will be the one to purchase any replacement for it. Before contacting Cubot for any replacement, you should note that they don’t accept the following for repair or service.

  • Any product that is not from the company or authorized dealers ( the serial number is no effect.

  • The warranty period is overdue

  • Unauthorized maintenance /misuse/ crash/ mistake/abuse/ water penetration/accident/ recast/ install incorrectly, tear off /alter the tear-proof tag ,serial number, anti-fake label .

  • The out package /accessories/ gifted products/ instruction booklet, the full set of the products are incomplete or deficit /modification of invoice.

  • Damage because of force majeure reasons.

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  1. Good Evening Sir/Madam, pls i have p30 cubot it fell down and affect the panel it is not coming up again. Pls how would i get another panel. Thanks.

  2. Hello ma my cubot big just Black not show anything after on it just make saund but not show,it is a new phone I but it from jumia on November, please what is the solution,or any cubot office I can take it to please


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