Naija Games: Made in Nigeria Games You Should Check Out

There are so many exciting games in Nigeria every one of her citizens needs to check out. Remember the popular saying, buy Naija to grow Naira. Yes, it’s high time we start playing our own games. Some of the Naija popular games names are Mr. Okada, Gidi Run, Anointed, Monkey Post, Yoruba 101 and Aboki Run.

As you can see, they are common words use every day and all of these games are built in Nigeria. This is to say, there is a company in Nigeria that based on game development. Most of these games are worth playing. Don’t take them for a joke because, the global game industry worth more than $100 Billion now.
So if you are looking or desperate searching for Naija games, here are the best games you should try out on your smartphone.


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Naija Game 1: Bison Play created the Mr. Okada game app

The Mr. Okada game was built by BisonPlay. The company is a game and media developer. They are founded by Tobias Ighofose and David Sewell. These two met while working in London and they decided to collaborate and build a game in the country.


The game features Toks Asher, a Nigerian music industry expert, as the major player character. The Toks Asher is on a mission of becoming a musician. He, however, has to overcome many obstacles in order to achieve his goal. So in order to move forward, he has to make use of his motorcycle to earn more to fulfill his music dream.

Naija Game 2: Gamesole made the Gidi Run game app

The Gidi Run is another made in Nigeria game to play.  The game app was created by Gamesole which is a Nigeria based Mobile game Production company. The company was founded by Abiola Olaniran who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria. He won the Nigerian edition of the Microsoft Imagine Cup back in 2010. The Gidi run is quite an interesting game which is similar to the Subway Surfar.

The difference is that you will have to run on the street of Lagos. Additionally, you can choose to be the conductor, policeman or a commercial bus driver.


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Naija Game 3: Yinola is the Creator of Anointed

Yinola is a startup in Nigeria. It’s founded by Yinka Iyinolakan. The startup built the Anointed Game app which is also called Chronicles of Laftu. The character of the Laftu is to conquer evil using excerpts from the Bible.

Naija Game 4: Chopup created the game Monkey Post

The Monkey Post is a popular version of the football game loved by many kids in Nigeria. The game was built by Chopup company which is also an indigenous company. The company basically develop games that tell the African narrative.  They are also the one that created the Adventures of Baba Lasisi and Jagun.

You only need to sacrifice as little as N20 to play the game which is around $0.06. The company was founded by Zubair Abubakar and Bayo Puddicombe. Back in 2014, they recorded about 120,000 subscribers which will surely increase to double by now. The game is something to give a try because it’s good and addictive too.

Naija Game 5: Maliyo Games is the brain behind Aboki Run

The Maliyo Games company was founded by Hugo Obi in April 2012. It was the first online gaming company in Nigeria. Hugo graduated from the University of Benin as a computer Engineering and later obtain a degree from the Manchester Business School, UK, and Nanyang Business School, Singapore.
The Aboki run game is also similar to the Subway Surfar game.

It’s about an endless runner. The player will have to help three Young friends Danjuma, Gbenga, and Chinedu, discover more about their ancestral home. The game was officially introduced in December 2016 on Google PlayStore. It has support for multiple player support and it’s free to play. It now has about 50,000+ downloads on Google PlayStore with good reviews as well.  The game features an African themed environment. This includes cave and forest.

Naija Game 6: Genii Games created the Yoruba 101 game

The Yoruba 101 game was built by Genii which is the mother of Asa brand. Asa is the collection of video and app that teach children about African culture. The word in Yoruba means culture. The asa game features animation, voice, text and beautiful graphics.

Additionally, the game covers subject such as languages, folktales, ethics, and etiquette. You can download the game on the Android phone and iOS. The Yoruba 101 was founded by Adebayo Adegbembo in 2012 with the aim of educating children about Yoruba culture and language.

These are the latest Naija games to Play. Have you played any of these? Let’s hear from you on the comment box.

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