Telegram VS Telegram X: Which One Should You Download?

Telegram VS Telegram X: This has always been in the lips of every user. They actually want to Know the difference between the Telegram X and the Telegram. Below we will try to differentiate between the Telegram X and the Telegram. Before we dive in, here, is what you need to Know about Telegram.

Telegram is an instant messaging app just like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and Skype. This instant messaging App is built and owned by Telegram Messenger LLP which based in London, United Kingdom. The company was founded by 33 years old Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov in 2013. He and his brother founded a VK (a Russian online social media and social networking service) before then back in 2007. He was later removed as the CEO of VK in 2014. Pavel Durov is worth $1.7 billion.

The Telegram was built by his company and the App is available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Phone, Windows NT, and macOS. It allows users to send messages, exchange videos, audios, photos, stickers and any type of files. Unlike WhatsApp, users can be able to get large files using the App.
Telegram is available in 14 languages that include English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, French, Indonesian, Malay, Persian, Ukrainian and Korean.

Recently, the company decided to launch another messaging App called Telegram X. The app is an alternative messaging app bought by the company called Challegram which they turned to Telegram X. So below, we will be looking at the comparison between the original Telegram and the Telegram X to see their differences and similarities.

Telegram VS Telegram X
Telegram VS Telegram X

Telegram VS Telegram X: Support Devices And Users Interface

The original Telegram is available for almost all devices which include iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Phone and Windows NT, while the Telegram X is only available for iOS and Android. Apart from that, both apps come with different users interface as well. The Telegram has dedicated calls options on the menu, while the Telegram X has a dedicated call option on the chats option just like WhatsApp.

The Telegram X is also faster than the original Telegram. On login into the app, you will also notice that the Telegram X has a fewer option with other added new features like Bubbles Mode” and “Night mode, while the original Telegram features many options and it also has a new channel called New Secret chat” and so on.

The Telegram X lets you view in either “Bubbles Mode” or “Flat Mode, while the original Telegram lacks these features. Another amazing feature of the Telegram X is the night mode which you will not find on the Telegram. One of the exciting features of the Telegram X is that it allows the user to exchange large files at no cost. This means you can download and send unlimited numbers of files anytime.

Wrapped up

Telegram X is a new messaging app to try out. Just like the original Telegram, the apps are amazing in terms of new innovative features. However, many users are still complaining about the lack of device native camera support. This, however, can be frustrating. So you won’t be able to enjoy the advanced camera features when using the app.

Another advantage of the Telegram X that we failed to mention on the post is that it allows forwarding the same message(s) to 5 different people/groups at once, while the Original Telegram will require you to reselect and forward for each recipient.

The best way is to install both Apps on your phone and check it yourself. Do the comparison and see between the Telegram X and the Telegram which one worth it all after all.

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