How Long It Takes To Shipped From China To Nigeria [Cost & Steps].

This is all the  Details you need to know on How Long It Takes To Shipped From China To Nigeria. It will also show you the cost of shipping 40ft & 20ft container from China to Nigeria.

China is the home of manufacturers. In fact, the country has one of the best e-commerce company which has made the Asians country home for all kinds of goods and services that you can buy and shipped to Nigeria.


In this post we will give you the details of shipping from China to Nigeria, the cost and steps involved so follow along.

If you are buying anything from China you will hire the services of a courier company or cargo shipping company. Before then, let’s look at the cost of shipping and the period it will take your goods to arrive in Nigeria.


Shipped From China To Nigeria
How Many Days It Take To Shipped From China To Nigeria.

The days and period it takes for your goods or container to arrived Nigeria depend on your shipping method. Basically, there are two types of shipping method available which is Air and Sea.

If you use the services of a Cargo which is based on Air transport then your goods will arrive faster than when you use Sea transportation. The shipping period can be 45 days or less than a week.

Shipping Method From China To Nigeria And Days Before It Will Arrived.

Hong Kong Service: If you want to ship a small package then you should go to the China or Hong Kong Post Service. Their charge is less expensive and you will receive your package in 2-5 weeks.


You will also get the tracking number that you can use to track your goods and trace it online. However, this shipping method has a little disadvantage. Your package can easily get lost in transit and will be difficult to find.

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Express Post: This type of shipping method involved the use of courier company like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. With this Service, the shipping takes between 2-5 business days which is faster but the cost is higher than the China shipping Service.


The advantage of using DHL or FedEx is that you can have full control of your package because they have excellent tracking record. The DHL also provide door to door Service from China to Nigeria through DHL Express.

You can Ship goods that weigh from 1kg to 30,000 kg using this method. The port is located at Shenzhen in Hong Kong and the package takes 3 to 4 days to arrive after it has been loaded.

Air Freight: This is one shipping method used by cargo companies. You can use this method to ship more than 250kg packages. The shipping takes 2-10 days to arrive. The little task here is that you will be the one to handle all the documentation involved and customs clearance.

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Sea Freight: This method of shipping is cheaper and it’s the best way to ship a very large package from China. The disadvantage is that it takes time to arrive. Before you use this service you have to email your cargo details to the shipping company if you are shipping commercial goods.

The shipment period takes up to 2 Month to arrive or even more than that in most cases. If you are a businessman it’s advisable you plan ahead before using this method so that your goods will arrive at the right time.

You can receive your goods yourself or at the Port after you have clear customs and take care of the necessary documentation.

Shipped From China To Nigeria

Bonus: If you are buying from a Chinese supplier you can ask them to ship your cargo to CIF Port of destination or DAF. This method is more expensive but at least you won’t be dealing with customs clearance or any kind of documentation.

To get full track of your cargo it’s advisable to work with a freight forwarder either in Nigeria or in China.

Cost Of Shipping 20ft & 40ft From China To Nigeria.

The cost of shipping from China to Nigeria will depend on the company. For example, shipping a 20ft container from China to Nigeria can cost approximately $2200 – $2500. While the 40ft container cost around $4000-$45000. This is just an estimate the cost will depend on the courier company.

If you are shipping packages that are calculated in kg here is the breakdown cost of shipping from China to Nigeria using Value Handler International (VHI).

1- 2kg (Minimum invoice $15)

3 – 5kg (Freight & Clearing: $7.0)

6 – 45kg (Freight & Clearing:$6.8)

46 – 100kg (Freight & Clearing: $6.4)

101 – 300kg (Freight & Clearing: $6.3)

301 – 500kg (Freight & Clearing: $5.7)

501 -1000kg (Freight & Clearing: $5.5)

1000-3000kg _____$5.2/kg


These are the methods and steps involved in shipping from China to Nigeria. If you buy any package online like GearBest, the shipment method will depend on them and you will get your package delivered to you in your location.

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  1. I ordered some scarfs frm alibaba nd i need to knw hw i can ship it to nigeria ,plxx nd d price hw will i go abt it,i discussed wit d seller in china nd d price he gave me is too high to ship to nigeria ,so he asked me to get any shipping company to pick it up frm his store for me,plxx hw can i go abt dt

    • You should check other shipping companies online and their prices. Depending on the items, it will surely cost you a lot especially during this COVID 19 pandemic.


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