Everyone knows that an organization needs a good video marketing strategy. Videos have become central to a company’s campaign efforts and social strategy. According to HubSpot Research, a majority of global customers watch films through social channels. So, if you are not creating videos, you are going to get left behind. 

In most instances, an elementary and raw video can lure your audience if the content is top quality. And, since video production now is cheaper, you can actually produce high-quality (4k) videos using a smartphone!


Video marketing

Video marketing is the most desired and effective method of engaging with modern clients and is projected to be a must for all successful businesses in 2021. This has given rise to several video marketing trends in 2021. We examine some of the top ones below:

  1.     Animated Explainer Video Clips

Animated explainer video content has gained popularity as one of the top 2021 video marketing trends, and is already being used by many organizations across the world today. It could artistically promote your services and products and teach users how your products and services work. It also helps to educate new workers. The future prediction is that animated explainer videos will help firms across various verticals sell their products more effectively.

Remember Mr. Clean of Procter & Gamble? In 1958, his Animated Explainer Video Clips first appeared on TV screens. The videos are still recognized as a very successful marketing strategy within the business of cleaning products. 

Tik Tok or YouTube are other platforms where animation could help you create a strong brand image and appeal to customers’ hearts. So, don’t ignore this powerful video marketing trend! Animated Explainer Video Clips is a highly effective and recognized marketing strategy in 2021. 

  1.     Additional Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming, though highly recognized, is expected to grow further this year. Owing to this, we can’t overlook Twitch TV’s colossal influence, where live video streaming is the ultimate engaging option to attract viewers. Twitch was for game broadcasting; however, it has evolved into a new content genre among musicians, podcasters, and even yoga instructors!

People enjoy interacting with influencers in “near-real-time,” and it has emerged as a significant video trend in 2021. During the COVID-19 lockdown, with compulsory indoor stays, live video streaming was very dynamic. Huda Beauty, for example, capitalized on the trend, making a live video chat with Bella Hadid, showcasing her products. Seeing how influencers are now rushing to take advantage of this video content trend means it is likely to be very successful in the future.

  1.     360o Video Experiences

This is the latest trend to grab people’s attention. 360º videos are more popular due to their functionality. As videos are an excellent way of displaying products and services, all firms want to use it to sell more effectively. Thus, modern technology has provided a more immersive approach to display products – enter the 360o video experience!


Now, buyers can easily test a product before buying it. Consumers can now have a visual experience with 360-degree videos. This boosts credibility and brand loyalty. When compared to other video formats, 98% of customers confirm that 360º videos are more attractive. A 360º video advert by Hong Kong Airlines is an example of these revolutionary clips in video marketing trends.

  1.     Shoppable Videos

Watch out for another hit, ‘shoppable videos’ in video marketing innovation that enables customers to purchase items immediately! A button in shoppable videos directs you to a store for a hassle-free purchase. They are the ultimate in the future of social media activities, and before December, every company will turn to this kind of video content.

With shoppable videos, there is no need to search manually for the product after watching your video advert. Just tap on the item in the clip to get to the main page. Note that the more creative and captivating the video is, the more views and engagements it generates. Therefore, the use of high-quality video editing tools comes in handy here. Getting a premium video editor isn’t easy! However, it has some great tools to give you the first-mover advantage to create stunning shoppable videos.

  1.     Longer Storytelling

Is your story authentic? Then people will value it! A long narrative technique also gives your videos a sense of realism and credibility. That is why it’s getting popular and frequently in use. Leading organizations like Toyota, Subaru, Adidas, etc., create ads in short videos with stories about people. It focuses on users, is cost-effective and captivating. It’s the hottest video business trend to help you establish more credibility with your audience and potential consumers.

  1.     Vloggers

Vlogging is another preferred way of luring a target audience, and it is outshining other popular trends. People use it to share life experiences, knowledge, communicate with others or express their feelings. Today, top influencers and leading organizations are using vlogging to engage their customers.

Through YouTube channels, they show their activities, stories of their team members, recipes, internal struggles, and information about new services or products. Some organizations use vlogging in combination with ‘managerial’ influencer marketing now. Brand officials are now influencers, and they post videos of their personal experiences and tips with their fans. Therefore, vlogging and influencer marketing is now a seriously hot video production trend for 2021!


Don’t ignore these highlighted video marketing trends for 2021, as they will change the future for many brands before next year!  Let this post inspire you to re-strategize your digital marketing approach this year! 

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