Cowrywise Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address

Cowrywise is a registered Cooperative with its resources held and checked by Meristem Trustees Limited, an SEC-enrolled organization. Cowrywise is controlled by money and innovation experts with more than 20 years of experience.

In it, the group is a CFA sanction holder and an innovation arrangement modeler. You can have confidence your savings are in safe hands. Cowrywise was created to outfit people with the necessary strategies and to make individual monetary management a way of life.

Additionally, it is fabricated not exclusively to make recurrent savings and investments simple. It is also programmed to authorize the monitoring of savings funds, investment, and total assets.

Developing a saving and investment culture is a round of slow conduct changes that require time and predictable small steps to grow.


Aims and Objective

Its main goal is to establish a savings and investment platform that will permit individuals to partake in a customized monetary management experience as we accept the idea that the concept of wealth than how much cash is in financial accounts.

A profound feeling of monetary security comes from knowing where you stand financially across all aspects of your life. Common financial institutions have made saving money, investing money, and growing wealth costly and displeasing to individuals who are outside their high net worth stand.

Cowrywise wants to make saving and investment fun and interesting again for everyone by making it simple to do and highly rewarding.

Cowrywise is free for locked investment funds. Its installment accomplices take processing charges for interests into mutual assets and emergency funds. They’re quite negligible.

Cowrywise is suitable for anyone

  1. Who never want to miss their saving and investment goals again.
  2. Who wants to save and invest even while they are sleeping.
  3. Who wants the discipline to keep their savings and investments for a long period without altering them.
  4. Customers who want to plan their financial goals easily with financial tools.

Ways of making money on Cowrywise App

There are a few methods for bringing in cash from the application. Customers begin bringing in cash the moment they begin saving or contributing with the application – all savings funds and investment fund yield between 10-15% premium per annum.

Any customer who invites his or her friends or family through their referral link, and the new customers start saving. They both will be credited with ?250 as a bonus.

Reserve funds Options

Customers can begin their saving plans with as low as ?100 (100 Naira). Cowrywise do not choose for you the amount you can start saving with Do you have a billion Naira you need to save with them? Kindly go on.

Customers can choose to withdraw at the stated date. If customers can decide to withdraw part or all of savings funds along with interests.

You can choose to roll over the plan for another period or withdraw part or everything.

Rolling over-developed plans for another period makes it conceivable to enjoy compound returns.

Customers can contact them with the accompanying data
Contact address
5C Rev.Ogunbiyi St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja
Customer care Email address

Phone Number


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