Best Websites to Download Nigeria Nollywood Movies 2023 For Free

Nollywood is one of the popular movies industry known in Nigeria, and Africa, and is widely recognized globally. They produce quality movies and entertainment drama series. The sad news is that it’s not everywhere you can download Nollywood movies. Yes, some of them are free to download while others can easily be downloaded on Youtube.

In this post, we will be showing you the top and latest sites you can download Nollywood movies for free without any issues. Here are the top sites to download Ghana movies and foreign movies as well.


iroko-tv Nollywood movies

Top Sites to Download Nigeria Movies

  • TheNetnaija
  • 9jarocks
  • IROKO Tv and the App
  • NollyLand
  • RealNollyTv
  • Naijapals
  • IbakaTV
  • CodedWap
  • 9jaFlaver
  • DeloniferaTV
  • GistVille
  • WapBaze
  • Youtube

1. TheNetnaija

This one particularly is popular and many Nigerians are already aware of it. I personally love the Netnaija and in fact, it’s my main source of downloading movies. Netnaija is loaded with Nollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies.


This means you can also download other movies on the platform including Korean movies. The Site is loaded with Yoruba and even Igbo movies as well. To begin, visit Netnaija and search for any movie title you want using the Search button.

2. 9jarocks

The Naijarocks make our list because the site is not just popular but also one of the best places to download the latest Nollywood movies. The website is very simple to download movies just that it has lots of advertisements that may distract you while you are trying to download movies.


We recommend the use of UC Browser because it has an ads block and also very fast in downloading movies.

3. IROKO Tv and the App

The IROKO Tv and the App are not free as they will require a monthly subscription which ranges from $7 and above. Its website and App are dedicated to Nollywood movies only and they come with high-quality movies.


You can choose to stream the movies online and also download them so you can watch them offline. One thing I like about IROKO TV is that they have the latest movies that you can find on Youtube or movies available only on Youtube Premium.


4. NollyLand

The name only indicates that NollyLand is a land full of Nollywood movies. Yes, you can download all kinds of Nollywood movies ranging from Yoruba Movies, Haussa movies, and even Igbo movies.

It’s one of the trusted places to get the latest movies. The only downside is that you will have to buy a subscription to be able to download it. Nevertheless, you should try using UC Browser to access the site.

5. RealNollyTv

Here comes another best website to download Nollywood movies. This is one of the best platforms to stream movies and downloads them on your device. The only issue is that it requires registration which some may not find easy since you will have to put in your email and other details.

6. Naijapals

I have tried downloading some movies on and to be honest it was easy and straightforward. The website is loaded with high-quality NollyLand movies to download and the ads on the site are not that bad. This is to say, there are no popup ads that will distract your downloading speed.

7. IbakaTV

IbakaTV features thousands of Nigerian Nollywood movies on the app and it’s available for both Android and iOS users. The app allows you to stream and also download movies for free. You can also visit the official website or get the app on Google Play Store.

8. CodedWap

CodedWap is another good site to download Nigerian movies for free without any issues. The website is loaded with Ghana and also Indian movies for free. This is an entertainment site that you can also use to download music. CodedWap has simple and neat ads so you won’t have any issues downloading movies on the site.

9. 9jaFlaver

9jaFlaver is for Nollywood movies. The website keeps its site updated with the latest movies from Nollywood every day. You can even download movies that were released this week on the site. It has a simple user interface and is also easy to navigate.

10. DeloniferaTV

The DeloniferaTV is for anything related to African movies. So you can download Nollywood, Ghana movies, and even Kenyan movies. The interesting part is that you can enjoy the free mode or the subscription package for more movies.

11. GistVille

GistVille is an entertainment website that is similar to TheNetnaija. The site is loaded with all kinds of movies and including Nollywood and Hollywood movies with many more. My first time visiting the site, I was able to download a movie named Cage 2021 and it cost me just 135.69MB with high-quality resolution.

12. WapBaze

WapBaze has been around for ages and the site is an entertainment blog that is loaded with Nigerian music and movies. You can download American movies as well. The good news is that you don’t need any kind of registration before you can download any movies on the site.

13. Youtube

You don’t need anyone to tell you that Youtube is the number one home of movies of any kind. There are thousands of Nigerian movies on Youtube and you can easily download them for offline viewing.

That’s all guys. If you have any questions, don’t forget to use the comment box and let us know.

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