TSTV Channels 2019 List, Frequency Symbol Rate And Subscription Prices

This post is all about the TSTV Channels 2019 list and their frequency.

TSTV no doubt is one of the popular TV satellite in Nigeria. Though there are more and new companies coming out. Still, this very TV provider is waxing stronger because of their cheap subscription packages and affordable decoder which they now call Sassy Decoder.


Recently they make some changes on their Satellite TV. Now they are using a Satellite Sassy decoder and they have added some free channels. The most interesting part is the promo. Now when you buy their new sassy decoder you will automatically enjoy the free subscription.


TSTV is operating in most Africans countries by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV. They bring both international and local channels to your home. Now you can enjoy Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Health, etc which is distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

One of the advantages of TSTV is that they are the first to provideĀ  Pay-As-You-Watch Cable TV in Nigeria. You can even save up to 50GB TV program on the decoder and watch them later.

This company has a huge number of channels offering you the latest foreign and local movies and sport.


Above all, they have cheap subscription packages to choose from if you don’t want to spend much.

TSTV New Frequency

If you have the old TSTV decoder you will notice frequency error this is because they have makes some changes and now the new Satellite position is ABS 3A @3W and the frequency is 10972 V 30000 and 11007 V 30000, 11009 V 30000 and 11087 V 30000.


When setting it up, make sure you use 10972 V 30000 or 10975 V 30000 to track your decoder after you might have adjusted the frequency to the new ones above.

TSTV Full Channels 2019

1. WAP tv
2. Nta
3. Hits Africa
4. Bright tv
5. Mama Africa Hausa
7. Hitv Cameroon
9. Hits tv
10. Riwendu tv
11. Mama Africa
12. Mama Yoruba
13. Travelxp HD
14. Dubai one
15. Grande comedy
16. A1 Kids
17. Mama Africa Igbo
18. MBC 4
19. MBC Bollywood(Newly Added)
20. RT News21.
21. MBC Max
22. Mbc Action
23. Liberty tv
24. MBC 2
25. Channels Tv
26. Fashionbox
27. Film box Africa
28. Docubox
29. Fightbox
30. Aljazeera
31. CGTN
32. Fastnfunbox
33. AIT
34. TVC entertainment
35. TVC News
36. TRT World
37. RT
38. Zoom
39. Love nature
40. Grande sports
41. Grande sports
42 Grande sports
43 France 24.
44. TV 360
45. Nollywood TV
46. Grande Novella
47. Grande Bolly
48. Grande Series 1
49. Grande Series Asia
50.Film Box
51. Film Box Arthouse.
52. A1 Kids Junior.
53. Grande gospel
54. 360 Tune Box
55. Grande Sports 4
56. Grande Sports 5
57. Grande Sports 6
58. Grande Sports
59. Fight Box
60. Fast & Fun Box
62. Game Toon
63. MBC Power
64. Grande Sports World
65. Ben TV
67. Glitz Network
68. MBC Variety
69. Food and Tourism
70. Fashion Box
71. Tiwan Tiwan
81. Docu Box
82. Travel XP
83. RT Doc
84. Emmanuel TV
85. Preach TV
86. Bethel TV
89. EWTN
91. Salaam TV
92. Riwendu TV
93. Brekete TV
94. NCTV
Note: Some channels are not opening at this time and they are as follows…
France 24
Mama Africa
Dubai one

TSTV Subscription Prices in Nigeria

The present TSTV Decoder and dish cost 5000 Naira depending on your location. TheĀ decoder allows you to watch more than 100 Channels plus 20GB of data.

Below is the list of TSTV packages and prices in Nigeria.

  • TSTV Monthly Bouquet for N3000
  • TSTV 2 Weeks Bouquet for N1500
  • TSTV 10 Days Bouquet for N1000
  • TSTV Weekly Bouquet for N700
  • TSTV 3 Days Bouquet for N500
  • TSTV Daily Bouquet for N200

For now, this is the list and prices of TSTV packages available in Nigeria.

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