Five Exciting Highlights From Google I/O 2018 that Will Change Your Life.

The annual Google I/O developer conference 2018 has come and gone and Google has made some impressive changes on their ecosystem which some of the changes comes in handy and you will find them exciting and impressive. Here are the fives major highlight of 2018 I/O conference.

1. Android P.


The Android P was modified into something smart and intelligent which focus mainly on battery. This latest Android version comes with an Adaptive Battery features that have the ability to control apps which are running in the background so as to minimize the power usage thus improving the battery life.



One of the exciting news about this Android P is that it will change the entire interface of your Android phone. The three home button will be replaced with on-screen home button gesture just like the iPhone X. Now you have to swipe up to get the multitasking view and long swipe to see the app drawer and more.


In addition to this is another feature that you let you control the amount of time you spend on your phone and you can also set a time limit for them. For example, you can tell you Android that you will like to go to bed by 10:00 PM and when the time reached.


Your YouTube app that you are using to watch movies will automatically turn to black or white screen, your favorite apps like Facebook or WhatsApp will turn greys after you have used it more than you promise.

2. Google Assistant.

Google has made some changes on their Assistant, The conversation Google Assistant mode now understand complex sentences worth multiple requests. It can also make phone calls for you and help you in searching for setting apps or file on your phone.


All you have to do is to configure the settings on your phone and let it master your personal voice which you will first be asked to say “Hello Google” three times when setting it up. After the settings, as far as your screen is on, just say Hello Google and ask it to do anything for you and watch it respond in no time.

3. Google Maps.

The Google maps will now come with a personalized information tab about your neighborhood. This will include, the latest new places and the trending places around you. It also comes with a Visual Positioning System (VPS) that uses the camera for walking directions. This also includes a cute AR fox leading you in the right direction.

4. AI Features.

The Google AI features will give you the ability to share photos automatically with the people in them. It can also colorize old black and white photos.

5. G-mail Update.

Soon you will start getting Smart Mail Suggestions on your Gmail account which is the Autocorrect that you are familiar with on your keyboard. Google will also be extending their Lens into other devices like the LG LG 7 smartphone and with this Google Lens, your phone can recognize things in the real world.

So what did you think about this new updates and which one did you find more exciting.

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