This website will show you the performance of every past and present politician.

The 2019 general election is around the corner and you have to agree with me that keeping track of our political leaders performance is another way to get rid of bad government.

“One’s beaten twice shy”.

Come the next general election everyone will fight for his or her right with PVC and to make it simple a website was launch to keep and store the performance of both present and past leaders in Nigeria so as to avoid bad leadership like a plague.

The website name is what a wonderful and befitting name. So you don’t need to Google about any politician or past leaders in Nigeria to check on their performance anymore. All you have to do is to go straight to the website and click on the profile of any politician you want to check or make use of the search bar.


The website store the profile and project of any politician you want to check.
Though some data are not yet available on the website but soon they will update the website with relevant information.
This is a welcome development indeed.

What do you think?


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