Bristol University International Students Scholarship 2024

Bristol University is located in the United Kingdom(UK), it offers fully-funded scholarships to international students in the UK. The University of Bristol is investing £2 million in scholarships for 2022. This investment will assist the best and most excellent international students, who come to the University of Bristol.

The University of Bristol is in collaboration with Think Scholarships UK 2022-23, it is a fully-funded Scholarship open to both undergraduate and postgraduate International Students. The Scholarship awarded by the university is only offered to prospective students who have the best outstanding academic performance and are also talented and creative.


The scholarship covers full tuition fees and living costs of the students till the end of their academic program. The final date for the scholarship is (28 March 2022 & 13 June 2022).

Bristol University Scholarship



  • Required Language: English
    Eligible Countries: All World Countries.
  • The applicant is classified as an overseas student for fee purposes
  • The applicant has applied to start a full-time undergraduate degree in one of the qualifying courses or one year or full-time postgraduate program at the University of Bristol in September 2021.
  • The applicant hasn’t received any similar funding which would equate to more than the full cost of tuition fees alongside a Bristol scholarship
  • The applicant will need to provide:
    Applicant UCAS ID (if you’re an undergraduate student), Student ID (if you’re a postgraduate student or if you’ve applied through the Global Transfer Programme), or Kaplan ID (if you’re a KICL student)
  • Applicants should include the course or program of study they already applied for (applicant must have applied to a course or program to be eligible for scholarship opportunities).
  • Applicant name
  • Applicant email address (this is how the University will communicate with the applicant, so the applicant should make sure it’s accurate and have access to it throughout the year)
  • Applicant nationality
  • Applicant’s permanent country of residence (this is the country applicant is ordinarily resident in, not a country that the applicant is only living in for full-time education)
  • Applicant’s most recent educational institution
  • Applicant details of any other funding he/she has applied for or is due to receive.

Application Process

  • Apply for the university through University and Colledge Admission Services UCAS as you will need your student ID.
  • Apply for the Think Big Scholarship.
    This application form is a standard form that can be used for several scholarships.

NB: There is no save function when filling out the Scholarship application, the applicant will need to complete the application form in one session. Once you select ‘submit’ which is final, the applicant will not be able to make any changes.

The applicant will receive an email to confirm that his/her application has been received. If the applicant does not receive an email, he/she should make sure to check their junk or spam folder.

Click on the link to apply


Scholarship Coverage

The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship empowers its beneficiaries with the following awards:

Undergraduate Students for September 2020 entry:

  • 3 x £10,000 scholarships
  • 9 x £5,000 scholarships

Postgraduate students for September 2020 entry:

  • 5 x £20,000 scholarships
  • 10 x £10,000 scholarships
  • 20 x £5,000 scholarships

NB: The awards can only be used as fee waivers towards the cost of tuition fees.

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