Beare College International Students Scholarship 2023

Berea College is a private college in Berea, Kentucky, located in the United States, It was established in 1855, Berea College does not charge a tuition fee, every student admitted is provided the equivalent of a four-year scholarship.

Although there are still other fees such as personal expenses, textbooks, and room & board. Most students receive grants or scholarships and do not need to worry about taking loans.

Berea offers bachelor’s degrees in 32 majors. It has a full-participation work program, this program requires students to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week on campus and service jobs of over 130 departments.

Students return home with a monthly paycheck, and the rest of the money goes toward their education. Students don’t have a choice to choose where they work during their first year but they have a choice in subsequent years.

Berea College has a history of welcoming students of all nationalities, faiths, and races Admission to Berea College is competitive, applicants will need to meet certain requirements to be considered.

Berea College

Berea College is an American university that offers fully-funded scholarships to international students who are willing to pursue an educational career at the institution.


To enable the qualification of the Berea College Scholarship, the candidate must fulfill all of the requirements listed below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries.
  • Applicants should register and take the test of TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, or SAT early to include a copy of his/her scores in the student packet and to meet the deadline.
  • Official secondary school records.
  • Personal Statement of Financial Circumstances.
  • International Financial Questionnaire (IFQ).
  • International Financial Recommendation Form.
  • Two (2) Admission Recommendation forms are required, at least one should be written by a current or former teacher.

Application process

  • Read the requirements carefully to check if you’re eligible.
  • Download and fill out the application form from here.
  • The application form together with the needed requirement should be mailed to Berea College Office of Admissions209 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403 USA.

Click on the link to apply

Scholarship Coverage

  • Berea College is a school in the United States that gives International students who enrolled in the school. The combination of both financial aid and scholarships secures the costs of tuition, room, board, and fees, and other expenses.
  • In upcoming years, international students are anticipated to have saved up to $1,000 (US) per year to contribute toward their expenses. The College also empowers international students with summer jobs so that they may meet this task.
  • International students who are accepted are expected to pay an entrance fee of $50 (US) and a $2,200 (US) deposit to confirm their enrollment.
  • This deposit can be utilized by international students for certain expenses during their years of enrolling in the school. For students who are unable to pay all or a certain percentage of the deposit, extra financial aid is available.
  • All international students are given a paid on-campus job through the College‚Äôs Work Program for the whole of their academic year. Students may use their wages (about US $2,000 the first year) for their expenses.

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