Infinix Xhide: Reset Xhide Password And Download

Xhide is an Infinix application that lets users hide and unhide apps, videos, images, and files. Infinix mobility brings this great app hiding features to help users protect their privacy. This feature is on the XOS User Interface (UI).

Apart from the apps, you can also hide files without a third-party app. With this App, you can easily hide your files and apps without third-party Apps. You can hide the following…

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Records
  • Apps
  • Contacts

Just as you can hide the Apps, you can unhide them as well.

Xhide Features

The Xhide App is nice and safe as well. The Xhide is preinstalled Infinix phones running on XOS Hummingbird or Chameleon. You can also hide the Xhide icon totally from your Infinix phone. It also has a way of unlocking and accessing it which is not common with other phones.


How to Download Infinix Xhide

You don’t need to download Xhide on any Infinix Phones because it’s already pre-install.
Nevertheless, Infinix has released two User Interface (UI): XOS and XUI. The XUI which runs on some Infinix phone like the Infinix Hot 8 does not come with Xhide, while the latter does.

If your Infinix phone does not come with Xhide, you can download third-party Apps for your Apps and files hiding.

How to Access Hidden Apps

To access Xhide on your Infinix phones is simply. But sometimes it can be a little bit difficult especially if the App is already hidden on your phone. To do that, dial ##0000 which is the default PIN. However, if the pin you provided during the hide is 2345, you will have to add # to it.



After dialing the code, the Apps should automatically come out if the code is correct. But if the Xhide is not hidden, you should find it on the normal Apps drawer. You will now see a page in which you can choose the category to access the files.

How to Reset Infinix Xhide Password

To reset Xhide from the default PIN, Dial ##0000 and this will automatically bring Xhide with a security question.  Then type in a new password and proceed. Make sure you enter the password you can remember.


How to Retrieve Hidden Apps and Files

To retrieve the Xhide password, go to your phone and Dial the code ## and security pin, g. ##2345 and this will brings up the app automatically. Then choose the category you hide the files which can be communication, videos, records pictures or app. You can now select the app you want to unhide and proceed.

That’s all friends, this is how to hide and unhide apps, videos, files and contact on any Infinix phone using Xhide.

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  1. I forgot my xhide password infact I can’t even remember if I had entered such since I started using Infinix note 8i also I can’t know the security question
    Please help because I have been using finger print to unlock now I have entered wrong password and the finger print isn’t working again


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