Oukitel Customer Care Number And Contact Details.

Did you want to reach Oukitel because of your phone warranty or any other problems? Well, you can easily reach them through email or phone calls but before then, there is something you need to know.



In case of warranty, you can contact them and have your phone replaced or repair if you encounter the following problem after you purchase a new Oukitel phone.

  • Screen Issue: your screen was unable to detect touch or display.
  • Fail or unable to boot.
  • Nonfunctional vibration.
  • Dialing Error
  • Abnormal shutdown.
  • Poor Simcard placement
  • Button Issues: Loose, fell off or nonfunctional button.
  • Speaker or microphone dysfunction.
  • No sound, no sound in one direction or abnormal volume
  • Casing breakage due to structural or material factor.
  • Charger not working or unable to charge normally using the designated charger.

If you encounter any of the problems above and your phone is still under warranty period then you can contact Oukitel using the following means below.

  • Company Address: 7A-01,Tianji Bldg,Tian’an Cyber Park, Futian,Shenzhen, China.
  • For sales in case, you want to buy a new phone you can email them at
  • For marketing:
  • Contact care number is +86 755 83838095 OR +86 18666289956
  • If you live in China you can contact them with this number +86 18665820645(China only)

For more information visit their official website

19 thoughts on “Oukitel Customer Care Number And Contact Details.”

    • Up till now you never fix your phone?
      My phone also have issues an I need to fix it, I’m trying to reach they’re customer’s care number but it can’t work out because it’s has made in China, so far I am very disappointed for this they’re name of the phone, nothing for the phone is not in Nigeria it’s very bad, I can never in my life bought this phone again

  1. please i have sent you series of mails since last week and haven’t gotten any reply. my Oukitel C15 Pro touch bad has been bad i can”t find a replacement in the market here in Delta state, Nigeria. if we cant get your products fixed when they bad then it”s pointless to sell them to us. please acknowledge. Thanks

    • Hello, I will advise you to buy the touchpad from Aliexpress and then take it to a repair bar for them to change it for you.

  2. Comment:good morning my oukitel phone have an issue of booting it usually connect with system like laptop but it will not show any sign of on or light on the screen please I need your help oukitel c13

  3. Comment:Please i need a quitel phone to give to me on the 17 of this mouth or is there are near by office in edo here this is my phone number 08155287550

  4. pls where can i get oukitel c16 battery, have searched for the battery but it was a wasted effort searching for the battery bcus i was not able to get the battery

  5. Please how can I get oukitel c16 pro battery it is on AliExpress but it can’t be shipped here I tried it already 🙁 is there anyone who has one?

  6. hello, I’m from Kenya and I bought a C15 Pro from Jumia. Half of my screen doesn’t detect touch anymore, after a series of ghost touch episodes.
    could you please advise me on the way forward, because this has really inconvenienced me since I’m studying online.
    I need you help ASAP.

  7. My oukitel k13pro mother board has been bad since july last year , all effort made prove abortive.later gave to slot service centre who promise to sent it to oukitel company for change of mother board in april this year and i was assured that it will be repair within the next 13 working days .as of today ,october slot is still posting me here and there,giving me numerous excuses .

  8. Please assist and advise, my oukitelc12 shut down.tried rebooting it and I was told to flash but it just down, nobody seem to understand it . thanks

  9. my oukitel Y4800 is refusing to connect to mobile internet using sim, it only connects when i use wifi. please what should i do?


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