MTN Data Plan, Price, and subscription codes 2019

It is no longer news that MTN network has increased their bundle pack. Many people are anxious to know the latest data subscription codes and internet bundle price of MTN and that’s what this article is all about.



Yes MTN is one of the major or let me say popular networks that is mostly used in Nigeria and other neighboring countries because of their stable networks and internet speed when it comes to browsing or downloading any valuable info online.

This post will be arranged according to plans, price, and codes. So let’s keep the ball rolling.


The complete data plan for MTN and bundle codes.

Here are the full comprehensive list of all the MTN data plan and codes.

MTN Daily plan.

AmountDataHow to subscribe
N10050MB.Text”104″ to 131.
N200.150MB.Text”113″ to 131

MTN Weekly Plan.

AmountDataHow to subscribe
N300.150MB.Text”102″ to 131.
N500.500MB + 250MB BonusText”103″ to 131.

MTN Monthly Plan 30 Days.

AmountDataHow to subscribe
N1000.1GB + 500MB Bonus.Text”106″ to 131.
N1,200.1.5GBText”130″ to 131.
N2,000.2.5GB + 1GB Bonus.Text”110″ to 131.
N3,500.5GBText”107″ to 131.
N5,000.10GB.Text “116” to 131.
N10,000.22GBText”117″ to 131.

MTN Monthly Plan 60 Days.

AmountDataHow to subscribe
N20,000.50GB.Text”118″ to 131.
N50,000.85GBText”133″ to 131.

You can dial *131# to activate any of the data plans. Note: the bonus data will only be used from 1:00 am – 7.00am. To check your balance text 2 to 131 or simply dial *559#.

MTN Social Bundle plan(Goody Bag).

This social plan is so much for the less. You can enjoy your social apps without going for the full monthly pack which will cost you some money. Most people prefer social networks than surfing online that’s why this Goody Bag plan is essential.


Here are the full list of the social bundle, their subscription codes, price and expiring date.

Note: After subscribing to the social package the subscription will automatically be renewed to deactivate or to stop the renewal. Follow the deactivation codes below on each plan.

Goody Bag Daily N25

  • WhatsApp Text WAD to 131. Deactivate STOPWAD to 131.
  • Facebook Text FBD to 131. Deactivate STOPFBD to 131.
  • Twitter Text TWTD to 131. Deactivate STOPWTD to 131.
  • Instagram Text INSD to 131. Deactivate STOPINSD to 131.
  • 2Go Text 2GOD to 131. Deactivate STOP2GOD to 131
  • WeChat Text WCD to 131. Deactivate STOPWCD to 131.

Goody bag Weekly N50

  • WhatsApp Text WAW to 131. Deactivate STOPWAW to 131
  • Facebook Text FBW to 131. Deactivate STOPFBW to 131
  • Twitter Text TWTW to 131. Deactivate STOPTWTW to 131
  • Instagram Text INSW to 131. Deactivate STOPINSW to 131
  • 2Go Text 2GOW to 131. Deactivate STOP2GOW to 131.
  • WeChat Text WCW to 131. Deactivate STOPWCW to 131.

Goody Bag Monthly N150

  • WhatsApp Text WAM to 131. Deactivate STOPWAM to 131.
  • Facebook Text FBM to 131. Deactivate STOPFBM to 131.
  • Twitter Text TWTM to 131. Deactivate STOPTWTM to 131.
  • Instagram Text INSM to 131. Deactivate STOPINSM to 131.
  • 2Go Text 2GOM to 131. Deactivate STOP2GOM to 131.
  • WeChat Text WCM to 131. Deactivate STOPWCM to 131.

MTN YouTube Plan.

This plan allows you to stream YouTube videos.

AmountDurationHow to subscribe
N1501 hour.Text VP1 to 131.
N400.3 hours.Text VP3 to 131

MTN Night Data Plan.

This plan allows you to browse from 12 AM to 4 AM every day.

Note: To be eligible for this plan you must be on MTN Pulse. To migrate to MTN pulse dial *406# or text 406 to 131. After that then send NIGHT to 131 to subscribe for night plan. N25 will be deducted from your account and you will be given 500MB.

MTN Xtra Value pack.

MTN Xtra value gives you a combination of airtime for calls and data for browsing. The bundle comes in two categories.

Xtra talk gives you more airtime for voice calls than data volume and Xtra data which gives you more data volumes than voice calls.

The Price tag starts from N300 to N20,000.

N300 valid for 7days.

  • Xtratalk N975 voice value and 50MB data value. Text V300 to 131
  • XtraData N372 voice value and 150MB . Text D300 to 131

N500 valid for 7 days.

  • XtraTalk N1,950 voice value and 100MB data value. Text V500 to 131
  • XtraData N624 voice value and 300MB data value. Text D500 to 131

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N1000 valid for 30days.

  • XtraTalk N3,875 voice value and 312.50MB data value. Text V1000 to 131
  • XtraData N1,275 voice value and 750MB data value. Text D1000 to 131

N2000 valid for 30days

  • XtraTalk N9,750 voice value and 625MB data value. Text V2000 to 131
  • Xtradata N2,560 voice value and 2000MB data value. Text D2000 to 131

N5000 Valid for 30days.

  • XtraTalk N24,500 voice value and 1,666.67MB data value. Text V5000 to 131
  • XtraData N6,500 voice value and 5000MB data value. Text D5000 to 131

N10,000 Valid for 30days.

  • XtraTalk N30,000 voice value and 3GB data value. Text V10000 to 131
  • XtraData N12,000 voice value and 8GB data value. Text D10000 to 131

N15,000 Valid for 30days.

  • XtraTalk N50,000 voice value and 4GB data value. Text V15000 to 131
  • XtraData N18,850 voice value and 13GB data value. Text D15000 to 131

N20,000 Valid for 30days.

  • XtraTalk N70,000 voice value and 5GB data value. Text V20000 to 131
  • XtraData N25,700 voice value and 20GB data value. Text D20000 to 131.

Note: After subscribing to the Xtra value plan you will automatically be migrated to Xtra value plan.

You can dial *131*2# to select any bundle of your choice and to check your Xtra value balance dial *556# or *559*61#.


This plan offers customers a reward of 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 and 300% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 above when you recharge using a special code, *888*PIN# or via VTU

You can use this bonus to makes local calls, international calls, send SMS and also browse with it.

How to configure MTN internet settings.

To configure your MTN SIM simple text SETTINGS to 3888.

For manual settings follow the step below.

Android setting and other smartphones (Android, iOS, MiFi etc.)

Account Name: MTN WEB
Port :
Access point name (APN):

For mobile phones with WAP settings follow the step below to configure your phone.

Account Name: MTN WAP
IP address (Proxy):
Port: 9201
Username: web
Password: web
Access point name (APN):

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