MTN Latest Free Browsing Cheat Using Hammer VPN

I know some of you have already been waiting for 2019 MTN cheat just like the MTN impulse that we enjoyed last year. Well, another cheat is here again and it’s coming from MTN. The good news is that the cheat does not require any file configuration or ssh account. The bad news is that it caps at 100-150MB only. Although there’s another way to enjoy the cheat unlimited it’s a little bit technical though. Before we dive in, let check out the Hammer VPN MTN cheat and how to enjoy it.

MTN Tariff Plan


About Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN is a powerful and wonderful App with an inbuilt server which is available for free and premium. The App is not available in Nigeria, but below we will provide you with the link to download the molded version. Now you can use the Hammer VPN to browse for free using MTN Network.

How To Use Hammer VPN Browse For Free

First of all, you will need an Android phone with 4G or 3G network and after that, you should download the Hammer VPN HERE  (don’t update the App) After successfully installing the App, open it and set it below…

  • Username: Leave it at default
  • Password: leave it as it was
  • Server: Choose any free server
  • Now add these ports to the two boxes: the First box is 8080 and the second box is 9201
  • Connect it and it will connect within 10 seconds. You are done.
  • Launched your browser and start browsing for free.

Use the comment boss below if you have any question.

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