The Best Androidphone Apps.

There are millions of Apps on Google play store which most of them are free. Choosing the best among them can be a little or difficult task.

Android apss
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I hope you are not among those people with the mentality that all Apps on Google Play Store are secured, free from malware AKA virus.
If you have that mentality I will advise you to change that mindset or you will download some full of junk Apps that will brick your phone.

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Well in case you have been searching for the best app to beautify and make your smartphone stand alone among other phones then you are in the right place.

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Before we dive in I want you to know that some of the Apps that will be listed below may not be compatible with your phone version and I won’t be responsible for any damage it may cause to your phone.


Is advisable to always read the review of every app before you accept and install it to your phone. And if you install an app and you notice that your phone is not responding or is lagging quickly uninstall the app.

All the apps that will be listed here don’t need a rooted device before you can use them. So relax your mind.

1. Telegram
Telegram is another great alternative to WhatsApp. This is a fast free messaging app. It has an end-to-end encryption, Just like WhatsApp it also does group chats.


If you don’t have the app I think this is a great opportunity to try it out.

2. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a free and easy app that you can use to quickly access your files, delete or copy any file or folder in your Android phone.

3. Fleksy

Fleksy is among if not the number one and fastest best keyboard app for Android phone.

The apps work well just give it a shot and you won’t even bother to use your phone default keyboard again.

4. SwiftKey

If I didn’t mention this cool keyboard app some people will come for me. This is my number one customized keyboard apps I always use on my tablet.

5. Morecast

The cloud is gradually changing and you want to check the weather to know if it will rain later in the day and you are looking for the best app to use. Then give Morecast a chance and feel the powerful App yourself.

Don’t be deceived, this is the best weather App so far. One thing I like about this app is the clean layout
and user interface. Above all the apps give accurate weather information.

6. HERE Maps

Gone are those days when we spend money on all those old paper maps to locate a particular place in a big city. Thanks to Technology. We can now easily track or know our exact location with our Mobile phone.

If you don’t find the Google Map friendly. HERE Maps is here to travel the whole world with you.

This app has everything you’d need. it has turn-by-turn navigation, search and satellite imagery.

All you have to do is to download the map of the entire country and enjoy the offline draw feature. No need to burn data anymore right.

7. PhotoDirector

After taking those breathtaking photos on a beautiful gathering or on a holiday you are now searching for the best app to edit and make the photos look more natural.

Search no more because PhotoDirector is here for you. PhotoDirector has everything you’d need to bring the best out of your photo.

8. Poweramp.

I never knew I was missing something bigger until I installed this app.

Poweramp is a music player app. Most of the android default music player app can’t bring out the bass in a music that’s why I recommend this music app for you.

9. Xplayer.
Xplayer is a simple to use video player apps. The app plays all kinds of videos format.

10. Dashlane

Dashlane is a password manager that can help you to save your passwords.

If you are somebody that uses the internet on a daily basis, you’d agree with me that remembering password can be difficult sometimes because some websites won’t let you use easy to remember password when creating an account with them.

I used the Avast antivirus privacy feature to save all my password on my PC while I use Dashlane to save my phone password.

11. Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

If you don’t have this app on your phone already then you should quickly go to Google play store and download the App now for security purposes.

This app secures your phone from malicious software like malware and others.

Apart from the protection, it also features Anti mobile thief that can track the location of the phone and remotely wipe the data.

12. Nova Launcher

This is my favorite launcher. Nova Launcher comes with tons of customization that will leave your phone looking simple and easy to navigate.

Nova Launcher let you change the font of your phone, number of apps that should appear on the lock screen and also the way in which your app drawer scrolls.

13. Action Launcher 3

This is another great launcher that offers a simple way to customize your Android phone look.

I won’t go deeper on this app because am still checking it out.

14. Clockwise Smart Alarm
Just as the name implies, this is a smart app that you should check out.

This app is an alarm that reads your favorite content or quotes to you.

You can customize the app to tell you the time, the weather conditions or to read your favorite messages.

The best time to enjoy this app is in the morning. Just customize it to read any motivating content you have on your phone to start your day with full determination.

15. NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is a great app for sports lovers. The App updates you for all 32 teams. This includes news, game highlights, minute-by-minute scores and all other stats you will want.

16. Photoscan

Photoscan is an app that you can use to scan your photos. The app brings out high-quality photos.

Bonus mobile app

You will never know the latest celebrity gossip and politics news you are missing until you install this app. mobile app is simple news app, designed with clean user interface giving users the best reading experience.

With this app, you can read preloaded news offline, bookmarks any news you find interesting and read them later offline saving your data.



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